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Campbell, Franken and the big boys

The face of Senate Majority Leader John Campbell, D-Windsor, popped up on Politico in a story about Capitol Hill holiday parties. Odd? Well yes. You can see it here: scroll down to the story titled "Hill parties remain modest."

Though Campbell did take some ribbing after he was quoted last year in a Seven Days story about Montpelier political partying, we don't think he's tapped into the D.C. scene.

The story quotes Rep. John Campbell, a California Republican, who sounds like he's not much for parties at all, at least not the D.C.-style parties where you have to check your jacket and gloves.

Campbell, who plans to celebrate by taking his staff to lunch, says flashy events aren’t worth the effort. “The whole thing of putting on your jacket and gloves — and then checking your jacket and gloves along with a thousand other people who go in and spend 10 minutes — and then you wait 45 minutes to get your stuff back and go out and get in your freezing car,” Campbell says. “It’s a lot of work to go to one of those parties.”

Vermont's John Campbell doesn't have a legislative staff to take to lunch, so it clearly wasn't him they were talking about, though indeed it is his photo with the story.

- Terri Hallenbeck


Campbell's ego won't allow him believe that this isn't a message from God and that he should be in the congress. Watch out Peter!
Give me a break. Campbell is the one that keeps the mighty egos of the senate in check. Glad to hear he is running for Lt. Gov.
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