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Leahy taken to task

A video (which you can see HERE) that questions how much progress society has made toward gender equality in politics and in breaking down stereotypes includes footage of none other than Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt.

Leahy is not portrayed in a flattering manner. He is giving Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y., a hard time about whether there is enough time for her testimony at a Senate hearing. He is sandwiched between numerous other examples of sexism.

Is it fair for the producers of the video - a group called The New Agenda - to assume he wouldn't have given a man the same hard time?

Do they have a point about society's post-Mayberry progress or lack thereof?

- Terri Hallenbeck

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As Chair of his Committee, Leahy is obligated to keep hearings on schedule.

Cutting off a long-winded Senator isn't sexist. It's his responsibility.
Leaky is a pompous butthead. Doesn't matter who his target is. Time for him to relax permanently in Middlesex.
No - It isn't sexism, it is Pat Leahy - Her sex made no difference.

In one of Leahy's more notorious displays:

A rather elderly Republican Senator, very close to the end of his career, had become debilitated enough so that he no longer truly gave speeches, but would talk from cards he has prepared in advance. He no longer had the short-term memory needed to keep his train of thought and ad lib.

One day while he was giving his canned talk, Leahy decided to make a point, and tore in to him in front of the Senate. The more disoriented and lost he became, the more aggressive Leahy got.

His sweetly won public victory backfired though - It nauseated about as many Democrats as it did Republicans.

Your Senior Senator is not "Well Liked"

Tim - Burlington
To see Leahy go to 6:25 so you can skip the rest of the propaganda. Are some clearly sexist comments made in the video, yes. Are some of these things the same exact comments these people make about men, yes.

Why is that when negative things happen to women at an equal clip that they do to men those things aren't equality but sexism?
"Your Senior Senator is not "Well Liked"..."

Leahy has always been a very partisan hit man. There is no doubt he is not well liked but fits in well with the Reid and Pelosi ilk.
That means both of Vermont's Senators are not well liked in DC.

Bernie has been well known for making himself unliked when he served in the House, with his name-calling and accusatory style.

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