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Bartlett meets the Progs

On the shores of Lake Memphramagog this weekend, the Progressive Party state committee will hear from gubernatorial candidate Susan Bartlett.

The committee heard earlier in the year from Doug Racine.

Racine and Bartlett, both Democrats, would love to avoid the sticky wicket that 2008 Democratic candidate Gaye Symington found herself in - fending off an Progressive candidate while trying to take on Republican incumbent Jim Douglas. Symington finished third, fractions behind Prog Anthony Pollina.

Neither of the Dems has specifically asked for the committee's endorsement yet this year, but they did ask to speak to the party faithful, party Executive Director Morgan Daybell said. Democrat Deb Markowitz has not sought face time with the committee, he said. Neither, he said, has Douglas.

The meeting is at 1o a.m. Saturday at the Community College of Vermont in Newport.

- Terri Hallenbeck

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The biggest fiscal conservative on the Democrat side going to meet with the Progs. That is priceless.
The more the Progs hear from Democracts the more likely they will run somebody themselves. The Dems are still in delusion thinking that their golden child Obama will save us. Meanwhile Obama is too busy buddying up with Jim = No Jobs Douglas. Time for real change with a Progressive Governor.
Bartlett is an irresponsible tax-and-spender. There is absolutely no difference between her and the Progs anyway.
I think it is just good for communication for all parties to meet.
Yes, I agree. Remember when the Democrats welcomed Pollina with open arms? No? Oh, that's right, they didn't and ran a stiff against him.
"And in our next episode, the Dems try to make peace with the Progs, believing that uniting the left is the key to victory."

UGH this feels like Rocky 12. Same story, same ending, every other year. Might I suggest that this "uniting the left" thing may be a flawed concept?

If I was a Dem - and I'm not - I would stiff-arm the Progs, knowing that for every one of their votes I get I lose two or three in the middle. So move to the middle - Progs be damned - and try to actually win an election instead of "uniting the left".

The votes are in the middle, folks . . . not on the lunatic holier-than-thou fringes.
If I were a Dem - which I am not- I would try to win on the issues.
"UGH this feels like Rocky 12. Same story, same ending, every other year. "

Douglas had been in a head to head race in every election except for 2008 which was a two way race until the Democrat entered the race months after Pollina entered. Get a frigging candidate but don't blame Pollina and the Progs.
"Yes, I agree. Remember when the Democrats welcomed Pollina with open arms? No? Oh, that's right, they didn't and ran a stiff against him."

You can't win that stupid, tired, whining argument.

Remember when Tony the Egotist got in the Gov.'s race in 2000 and almost handed the state over to Ruth Dwyer?

Remember when Tony the Egotist stayed out of the 2002 Lt. Gov.'s race? Oh, that's right, he didn't, and he took votes away from Shumlin and that's why we've had Dubie for our Lt. Gov. since then.

When Tony the Egotist runs, that's not spoilerism. But when a Democrat runs, that's spoilerism.

You myopic, egotistical, holier0than-thou Progs are a real laff riot. Immature, sure, but still a laff riot.
First off, no one on this thread EVER called the Dem candidate a spoiler. So please stop creating other people's arguments in your mind. Talk about egotistical.

Secondly, "almost" are you serious? you are mad and holding a grudge because your candidate won but not by as much as he could have. Talk about immature.

Third, we have Dubie as the Lt. Gov because he won. Not because someone "stole" votes. Talk about myopic.

Talk about whining. my goodness I haven't heard this much whining since, well, ever.
Dean barely got over 50% of the vote in 2000 and, yes, that's because of Pollina being in the race. If you don't like to hear the damn truth about your egotistical, spoiler, coffee-shop-stool-occupier, unemployed, rich-wife-liver-offer Tony: tough.
I think of the two of us its clear who doesn't like to hear the truth.

Take a deep breath and count to 10 before replying.

I think you are right to a certain degree that Dean barely got over 50% in 2000 because of Pollina. Never questioned that but your point is? I mean really who cares. DEAN WON!!

You don't really believe that Gaye wins if Pollina was not in the race, do you?
Tony is a sad caricature. He has never won and he will never win.

You want to be taken seriously? Get. Another. Candidate. Someone who has run for and won a few lower-level races, unlike Tony. Someone who doesn't spend his life sitting on a stool at a coffee shop, dispensing wisdom. Someone who's held a job sometime in, oh, say, the last 20 years.

Better yet -- keep running Tony. We moderates love him. Thanks!
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