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The Tuesday buzz

In tomorrow’s paper we launch a weekly look at politics. It’s a bit of a hybrid between what we’ve done here on vt.Buzz and what we do in print every day. It gives you a chance to wake up every Tuesday salivating for the buzz.

You will learn a little more about what’s going in Vermont politics — how inclined legislators are to go along with the administration’s $28 million in budget cuts, why’d they agree to $7.4 million labor costs, what’s up with the gubernatorial candidates, that sort of thing.

Each week, we plan to pose a political question to test your political debating skills. We’ll take responses online here at vt.Buzz. This week’s question: Does health-care reform have to include a public insurance option? Why or why not?

— Terri Hallenbeck 


No, Lets look at the co op model.
If today's example is any clue, it appears that we will read in Tueday's edition of the BFP all the stuff we have been reading for the last week on a variety of web sites. Great if you need to read things three times to get the point. Otherwise boring!
No- we already have government run Post Office- going broke and closing 1100 locations and annually subsidized, AmTrak, broke and subsidized with millions, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, both in the hole by BILLIONS and still give million dollar bonuses, even Medicare is going broke with 5% of every workers pay going into the pot AND discounting all hospital and doctor bills by as much as 25%.
Efficiency and Government aren't meant for each other.
NEK - why don't you put a lid on it?

There are appears to be nothing that government can do that you will like!

But I bet you will be the first to ask why the road's not plowed, or why the police didn't show up, or why the fire dept didn't show up?

BTW, I think it's pretty amazing that I can drop a letter in mailbox today and it shows up the next day at the intended address.

The fact is the PO has to deliver to all addresses in the US - while Fedex and UPS pick the locations they will service.

AND, UPS and Fedex have chosen not to deliver "mail" of the 45 cents variety.

They have deliberately picked off the more profitable package deliveries.
Yes, we need a public option. A Healthy society requires health care to be available to all its citizens, regardless of ability to pay. A public insurance option is simply an option in which the government pays the cost of health care. The government does not provide the health care.
Former Senator Janet S. Munt
If the government does not provide health care, why does it allocate 89 billion dollars to create a National Health Services Corp that includes the Public Health Workforce Corps that will employ doctors, nurses and technicians? Why employ these if you are only monitoring insurance?
As for the PO, you are right that we deliver mail cheaper than most countries but why must we raise rates every year and still subsidize millions annually? If you throw enough money at it you can solve some problems.
Throwing money at things does not solve problems
BTW- The Post office lost $2.4 billion last quarter- expects to lose $9 billion in 2009 and is in debt $10 billion. (Bloomberg)
Obama says we can run Obamacare just like the Post Office! Yah, right- hang on to your wallets and take your number now to get in line for your meds.
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