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Sanders is going to have a crowd Saturday

With "invitations" flying all of the Internet, it seems certain that Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-VT, will have a crowd at his health care forums on Saturday in Rutland and Arlington.

His only competition is likely to be sunshine -- a rare commodity this summer that might lure a few people to a lake or a mountain instead of church halls.

The Vermont Tea Party movement has called on its supporters to show up early, speak up, ask good questions and keep it civil.

The Vermont Progressive Party blog urges followers to show up, too. Traven Leyshom writes, "You are needed at Bernie's meeting to show support for a meaningful discussion of health care reform. We can show that large numbers of people support what Bernie is trying to do."

The Vermont Democratic Party just sent out an email urging people to go to the health care forums, too. Chairwoman Judy Bevans' call is sure to rankle Republicans. She writes, "As I'm sure you've heard, the National Republican party and their operatives are invading health care town hall meetings that Democratic members of Congress have set up across the country ... These fake grassroots, or AstroTurf activists have been popping up all over the country and sadly it look like they might show up here in Vermont."

It's going to be one hot discussion, don't ya think?

Will anyone be there seeking answers or will they are be looking to score political points?

-- Nancy Remsen

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Let us all hope that Vermonters are above the gutter politics being promoted by some. Interestingly, most of the complainers shown on TV at the Health Care Town Meetings were reading from a script. Any bets about where teh scripts came from?
WOW. They are reading the question. I am shocked. Perhaps it is so they get their thought across clearly and completely.

How does that differ from Obama, a much more experienced public speaker, having to read from his teleprompter?

Good luck Bernie, selling THIS version of health care reform at this point is like trying to sell a dead horse.
I don't think this is an effective way to enact Health care reform. Obama may need to rethink this process.
What's the point in holding these so-called "town meetings"? What does Bernie care what people think? He's already made up his mind, and he's not there to educate anyone. Bernie's endless publicity stunts are beginning to make me sick.
Bernie's schtick hasn't changed since Day 1. Tax the top 1%, vilify the 'fat cats', promise more freebies for the people.....

Only in VT could a self-proclaimed Socialist have such a loyal following.
Humm, Bernie keeps getting elected, beating all comers election after election, but somehow he is the problem. Bernie represents a substantial majority of Vermonters; otherwise he would have been beaten long ago. I would suggest that the minority, who claim to be ill from Berniemania, call their insurance company to find out if the aliment is covered. Or better still, watch Fox news another few hours a day, they may have a new drug to combat the illness.
Oh, please. So you're saying that the fact that an incumbent (Bernie) gets re-elected time after time in America (Bernie was first elected Mayor of Burlington by 10 votes and has been an incumbent ever since) shows that people always elect the right person and are never fooled?

Go back and start again.

By your logic, Douglas also represents the majority of Vermonters. He has been elected more times than Bernie and has received more total votes than Bernie.

How can the same electorate that re-elects Bernie also re-elect Douglas? Her's a clue, moron: it's not because they identify with Bernie and also identify with Douglas.

Fact: Bernie gets re-elected for the very same reason that Douglas and Dubie and every other incumbent -- Repub, Dem, or independent -- who spends hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars does: they haven't been arrested for child molestation.

Fact: Americans will re-elect incumbents of every political stripe because they're zombies, not because the politicians they elect are worthy of anything.

It takes an arrest for child molestation or tax evasion for any incumbent to get un-elected.

Get a clue.
Like I said....only in Vermont!
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