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Vermont Progs lay it on the line

Vermont Progressives laid out criteria they're looking for in a gubernatorial candidate today:

- Supports single-payer health care (i.e. a publicly funded and operated insurance plan available to all).
- Supports labor position on such issues as pension and unemployment funding. i.e. not asking workers or the unemployed to pay more or receive less.
- Opposes continued operation of Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant after its license expires in 2012.

Do any of the current Democratic candidate meet the mark? Find out in Wednesday's Free Press.

- Terri Hallenbeck

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Don't know about the Progressives but I do know that your headline injected that stupid Lay it on the Line song by Triumph in my head.

Five Bands To Be Forgotten Forever

Steely Dan
Any Democrat hoping to have even a small shot at ousting Douglas will have to say no to progressive positions #2 and #3 at the least. So it makes zero sense for Racine, Markowitz or Bartlett to suck up to the Progressives. Locking themselves into progressive positions is an instant loss in November, 2010. And, Steely Dan does not belong on the "bands to forget list."
The Progs have "Too much time on their hands"
Steely Dan...C'mon where's the love
Perhaps the progs can recruit Ralph Nader to run as their candidate...He has more than a little experience being the spoiler...Ask Al Gore
The state workforce can't afford to take any more hits. 10% of state employees cut in only 3 years is ridiculous.

Equally ridiculous is putting Toto on the "bands to forget list." Africa was an amazing hit.
Who are the Progs going to run, Tony again? That party is a paper tiger.
The Progs have never won a statewide office and they never will. While I don't really care for her, Markowitz is right not to cater to them. You can't get elected as a VERY Liberal in this state. You need to be moderate.

That's why Pollina loses EVERY TIME he runs.
If the Democrats dismiss the Progs too quickly, I hope the Progs use their limited power in the leg to scuttle the next veto override.
Wow, that's real smart - do something in spite - and what do you end up with?
A stronger Jim Douglas?
(i mean that in a negative way)
Toddlers throw temper tantrums and threaten to hold their breath until they turn blue unless they get candy. NOW. And Progs issue ultimatums. Too funny! And a smart person deals with both the same way: let them do it and go about your business as an adult.
Essay question:

Progs are to the left what social conservatives are to the right.

Pollina for Governor in 2010. The Progressives deserve to be heard.
A quarter of those voting in the last election couldn't pull the lever for the weak Democrat. Yes, the Democrat better be strong. None of the announced candidates seem very strong. Racine lost to Douglas in 02. He's going to do better after Douglas has shaken every hand in Vermont in three more cycles? Plus he's incredibly dull. Markowitz thinks she's going to win by saying absolutely nothing. No one's going to buy that. Who is Susan Bartlett?
Yes, yes, I'm sure Mr. Coffee/Mr. Milk will do much better THIS time.

"Let me do for Vermont what I did for the Vermont Milk Company . . . "

yup, the Pollina/Flanagan ticket will be unstoppable!
There are compromise positions in areas #2 and #3 that would attract many progressive voters without turning off the democratic base. Pension funding is a "lay-up"...just compare companies and the state under Douglas to the Wall Street bankers who made billions and left us holding the bag...demand they do the right thing, etc.

Leading me to the point on Yankee: regulators could easily begin to put expense controls on Entergy until the decommissioning fund is back where it needs to be...those expense controls being senior level salaries, of course. This would result in the shut down of Yankee as surely as the sun rises in the East, without a government mandate. Simply stop allowing them to externalize their costs.

Nothing can stop the progressive who wants to run for governor do it. The Dem candidate has to go after him, marginalizing his positions by taking some of them as his/her own, painting the rest as out of the mainstream, and rallying those who want a new regime. Not easy, but not impossible, since the legislature is so completely liberal, and loathes Douglas so thoroughly, that simply denying Douglas a majority will win the next election by going to the House.
Democrats show great leadership!! They own the state budget and don't know what to do with it so they ask for outside help! Careful what you wish for- the consultant might give you advice you don't want to hear!
Maybe the candidate needs to be someone else
"Pollina for Governor in 2010. The Progressives deserve to be heard."

They've been heard, and rejected. Pollina has run for Congress (as a Dem in the 80s), Governor twice (as a Prog), and Lt. Gov. (as a Prog). He's been rejected by the voters statwide 4 times, three times as a Prog. What part of NO doesn't he, and you, get?

Fifth time's a charm? Grow up already.
Three simple-minded Progressive criteria does not an election win.
Hope Roper's got plenty of popcorn for this next run of the Heckle and Jeckle parties show.
Considering the Progs have never one a statewide election (Bernie had the brains to run as an I), why the heck would any candidate listen to them?

"Talk to the hand."
You should have heard Pollina on VPR today harping on the fact that he came in second. He beat out Gaye Symington by only 257 votes, hardly a mandate and he came in with 22 percent of the vote.

Progs have had their chance. They got no money and no organization. If a Prog ran in place of a Dem (like Pollina wants), all the moderate Dems and independents will vote for Douglas. I certainly will.
Me too.
Let the Progressive Party do what ever it wants.
Right. Cuz who cares.
Saying yes to #3 - closing VT Yankee - is bad idea. Utilities say sayonara to $800 million in revenue sharing. 600 employees join the unemployment lines. Everyone's rates go up. More Co2 in air. Spent fuel still in dry casks, no leverage to do anything about it. Case study for law of unintended consequences.
vt progressive party= oxygen thiefs

what have they ever accomplished? just ignore those losers they need to get a life and some wasting people's time
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