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Campaign finance back in cross hairs

Jim Bopp, the lawyer who helped bring down Vermont's 1997 campaign finance law in the nation's highest court, is back. This time, he is targeting another portion of the law that covers political action committees.

On behalf of the Vermont Right to Life Committee, Bopp has filed suit against the state, saying that the Right to Life Committee should be able to argue against physician-assisted suicide without making the disclosures required by law. Those include listing who has donated to the cause.

The group wants to publish a newsletter that mentions 2010 Democratic gubernatorial candidate Doug Racine's support for physician-assisted suicide, he says in the suit. He argues that those who contribute shouldn't have to have their names listed.

As Vermont officials are well aware, Bopp has had some success in challenging the state's campaign finance laws before.

- Terri Hallenbeck

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Thank heavens Bill Sorrell has already bragged that his office has deep pockets and can well afford yet another loss in the courts. Maybe it's time for the Attorney General's Office to stop dancing to VPIRG's tune. Of course Vermonters need to know that Doug Racine supports health care reform and assisted suicide. It's not a leap to figure out how Racine plans to cover the high cost of a government-run system.
There's nothing about assisted suicide in the bill.
Money is not speech. You contribute to a political campaign, or an anti-Racine campaign like the one Bopp is talking about, and your name gets disclosed.

you people really just have no problem lying. there must be two camps in the right. the "christians" that don't say anything and the liars.
They don't want their names disclosed?

What do they have to hide??
Typical -- Bopp, Right to Life, and the GOP want it boh ways -- they want to be public about a politician's positions - but private on where the money comes from!
If veto dooglione and the gops can't buy it, they ain't gonna get it.
"If veto dooglione and the gops can't buy it, they ain't gonna get it."

What an idiotic thing to say. So liberals don't don't have 501(c)(3)'s? Liberals don't contribute to political campaigns? Liberals don't conteibute to "issue campaigns"?

You ridiculous partisan hack.
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