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Racine's campaign brings in a Kennedy

As I keep saying, the campaign season sure is starting early.

Here's the latest from Doug Racine, one of several Democratic candidates planning to run for governor.

Kathleen Kennedy Townsend will come to Burlington Saturday to support Racine's gubernatorial campaign. It's a fundraiser, but anyone can attend.

Here's the connection. Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, eldest child of Robert F.Kennedy, was the Lieutenant Governor of Maryland from 1995 through 2003 -- the same period that Racine was Lieutenant Governor of Vermont. They developed a friendship "based on their shared commitment to civil rights, community service and social justice."

"Kathleen shares my commitment to families" Racine said. "She understands the connection between a strong economy and strong families. She knows that investing in strong communities creates opportunities for everyone."

The event will be from 6-8 p.m. Saturday at Drink in downtown Burlington. Organizers say the suggested donation is $25.

-- Nancy Remsen

Go Doug!
The press release says he and Townsend developed a friendship "based on their shared commitment to civil rights, community service and social justice."

That's all well and good, but I'd like a candidate who puts a high priority on reviving the moribund state economy. I don't like Douglas so much at this point, but if "Tax Hike" Racine is elected, I may have to accelerate my plan to take my business and move out of state.
Douglas actually proposed tax hikes as well as increased fees to Vermonters and to Vermont businesses.
Kathleen is kind of like the female equivalent of Doug. Smart and nice but no fire. It a worry.
How do we help you 2:37PM Anonymous?
Douglas proposed higher tax hikes than Racine ever has.
Doug Racine has the best chance (of the current crop of Gubernatorial candidates) to beat the visionless Jim Douglas.
I'm 2:37 anonymous. Douglas and the Dem leaders were eager to raise the capital gains tax. Don't they realize that when a business owner sells, the sale price (which is their retirement) is all capital gains? You often get that payment all in one year, which throws you into a very high tax bracket for that one year. There should be a break for capital gains, because part of the gain is just keeping up with inflation. That's why the Feds give a break for capital gains.

My accountant says I could move my business to another state like NH before selling to escape the VT capital gains tax. Don't really want to do that.

But I am concerned with the overall feeling in VT that we can have the best social services in the nation as long as we keep raising taxes on the wealthy. The income tax and property tax rates here are getting onerous, but we still pay the most welfare to a family of three of any state in the Northeast. It is admirable, but is it sustainable?

The Legislature would clearly like to spend and tax more. With a Dem like Racine as Governor, I am afraid we'd be so over-taxed that the economy and property values will suffer. Where are the fiscally conservative Dems, like Dean was when governor?
Jim Douglas has proposed huge increases on fees and taxes -- especially the property tax.

He's raised taxes on Vermonters already.

He has no credibility on the tax issue.
The question to be asked....

Are you better off today in 2009 thanyou were in 2003 when Jim Douglas took office?

Answer: NO!
To Anonymous 337p ---

Right on!

Jim Douglas has done nothing but raise the partisan bickering in Montpelier to new levels since he took office in 2003.

Douglas has put politics ahead of Vermonters.

Doug Racine will make a great Governor!
Jim Douglas has worked for the state of VT long enough that he is eligible for one of those early retirement letters the Tresurer is sending out.

Do us all a favor Jim Douglas, take the early retirement!
I'm done with Douglas. But give me anyone but Racine.
Racine is the best candidate for governor.
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