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The public option

Yesterday, Gov. Jim Douglas spoke against the "public option" for health care. Today, one of his Democratic opponents dumped on him for it.

Says Sen. Doug Racine, who is seeking the Democratic nomination for governor:

"Jim Douglas does not understand that his reliance on private insurance
companies has not produced the affordability, accessibility, or accountability
that Vermonters really need and never will. He is out of step with
President Obama, our congressional delegation, and most Vermonters who
understand that providing people with the choice of a public health care option
is essential.

"While it is an honor to have a Vermonter as chairman of the National
Governors Association once again, it is unfortunate that Jim Douglas does not
understand what the last Vermonter who held the position does. ...
Sadly, Jim Douglas is using his new position to oppose real change."

- Terri Hallenbeck

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Good for you Doug!

Expose Jim Douglas for what he really is - a partisan conservative ideologue!

Doug Racine for Governor!
what else is new with Douglas. he is always against change and positive improvement for Vermonters.
Sadly, Doug the Jeep Dealer, will bankrupt Vermont if elected just like Goofy in the White House.
It is great to have a candidate that is willing to take a stand. Go Doug!
More of the "Just say NO!" from the VT GOP and Jim Douglas!
Doug Racine is a partisan hack who knows nothing about policy. The public option is a joke, intended only to placate single payer advocates. Unfortunately, it could bankrupt the health care system and shift costs to everyone else who has private insurance. Gov. Douglas is right to be thoughtful and cautious.
"a partisan conservative ideologue!"

Yeah, that's Jim Douglas alright. Good thing all of the announced or presumptive candidates lining up against him -- Doug Racine, Susan Bartlett, Deb Markowitz, and Peter Shumlin -- aren't partisan. Or liberal. Or idealogues. They should defeat him easily...
"Sadly, Jim Douglas is using his new position to oppose real change."

Sadly, candidate Doug Racine is using Jim Douglas' new position as head of the NGA as campaign fodder for himself."
"Jim Douglas does not
understand what the last Vermonter who held the position does . . ."

And Doug Racine conveniently forgets history.

When the "last Vermonter" was head of the NGA (Howard Dean in 1994-95), he was a raging fiscal conservative, just like Jim Douglas.

It was only when Dean went on the national stage that he became Governor raging liberal.

And it was not because a man in his 50's suddenly "evolved," it was because: a) national politics is different from the responsibility of running a state, and b) Dean deliberately changed his image to suit the current anti-Bush political atmosphere nationally.

It is not fair or honest for Racine to compare Douglas to the current Howard Dean.
I am happy that Jim Douglas is representing the people of Vermont. Thanks Jim Douglas
Jim Douglas - for the benefit of Vermonters, please take the early retirement offered by the state!
Okay! Then Brian Dubie will become Governor.
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