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Welch has a primary challenger -- already

This is not the summer before an election, but it seems the candidates are restless. Here's another person who has tossed a hat into a political ring -- in this case the Democratic primary race for the state's sole seat in Congress.

Dan Weintraub of Norwich said he plans to challenge the Democratic incumbent, Peter Welch.

Weintraub, whose career has included teaching at the college and secondary school level, believes Welch and the Democratic Congress and Obama administration have led the country down a doomed path.

Here's what he wrote in a letter to media.

"Congressman Welch appears to believe that a nation with a $14.2 Trillion GDP---over 70% of which is based upon consumption (not production) and of which 17%, or some $2.5 Trillion is consumer debt---that such a nation can spend and borrow and print its way out of recession and back to growth and prosperity. History will surely prove him, and those who have supported such efforts, dreadfully wrong."

He continues, "This is not, as many would argue, an ideological debate. It is simple math. I invite you to investigate for yourself just how our leadership---Democrat and Republican alike---have obscured the truth with regard to our so-called economic recovery."

Weintraub has a four-point platform at his campaign website.

His four platform stands are:

  • That he won't become a professional politician. He would serve one term and turn over his entire salary to local foodbanks -- even though he says he was recently laid off from an IT position at Dartmouth.
  • That he rejects the Obama economic rescue plan and would vote against any additional stimulus or bailout money.
  • That separation of church and state is critical and he would vote against any prohibitions on gay marriage or abortions.
  • That he opposes any expansion of war efforts.

You can read more of his thinking at his economic blog.

His blog and a bio can be found at Vermont Commons.

Looks like the 2010 election is going to be a busy one.

-- Nancy Remsen

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