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The races are on

The House Democratic caucus has wasted no time in making the 2009 legislative session into 2010 campaign fodder.

They have a new Web site: http://www.vthouse.org/. ("We're going to work hard to set things straigt so Vermonter's know the truth.")

Republicans are just as eager. The Vermont Republican Party's Web site is asking for cash to change the headlines. http://www.vtgop.org/victory2010.aspx. (Not quite sure what's up with their upside down apostrophe on their $20'10 logo).

- Terri Hallenbeck

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The Borg have a veto proof majority, so why do they need more members?
uh, world domination.......
The notion that there is a veto proof House is absolute nonsense. In order to override the Governor's veto of the same gender marriage bill the Democrats had to rely on the minority leader and a little band of thinking Republicans. In order to override the budget veto, they had to rely on a handfull of Progressives, that is all there is, and one Independent. To suggest that this is a veto proof majority is to be drinking the koolaid stirred up by Rob Roper and the Douglas crew.
Good question. How about greed?
Shumlin for Governor
Markowitz for Lt Gov
Racine for Governor
Nease for Lt Gov
Spaulding for Treasurer
Salmon for Auditor
Condos for Sec State
Wow - that's a strong team - top to bottom!
The only two on that list that are worth their salt are 1. Salmon and 2. Spaulding. The rest are useless
Anonymous 9:09 -you sound like someone from the Governor's office or maybe you are Rob Roper.
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The only two on that list that are worth their salt are 1. Salmon and 2. Spaulding. The rest are useless

Well your opinion is worthless. You named on the only two duds as being worth something. The two guys that don't back their party are the ones you like. So you say you are a Republican.
It seems the democrats only like members who tow the party line. Maybe that is why one just left to become an independent.
Roy for Sec of State
Give me a break - Chris Roy is a right wing conservative!
Stop labeling people and listen to what they have to say with an open mind
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