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Leahy lapse

Senator Patrick Leahy may have gotten a bit carried away in his eagerness to get on with the near-certain appointment of Judge Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court.

So says Seth Stern of Congressional Quarterly in a report on the CQ Politics Web site this morning.

Stern reports that Leahy was taken to task by Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., the new ranking minority member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, for failing to let Sessions in on his decision to begin hearings on the Sotomayor nomination on July 13 before announcing the hearing schedule publicly.

“I apologize in not being more diligent in trying to reach you,” Leahy told Sessions during a meeting of the committee this week.

The story goes that Leahy had left a message with Sessions office alerting him to his decision on the hearing schedule but didn't wait to hear back from the Alabaman before disclosing his plans to reporters.

In the clubby, collegial world of the Senate, that was a big no-no and Sessions -- who didn't get the message until much later because he was at a funeral -- was peeved. And a peeved Republican can use Senate rules to throw up roadblocks to slow Sotomayor's ascension to the high court.

“It’s not the way to treat a ranking member,” Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, a former chairman of the Judiciary Committee said of Leahy's misstep. To read the CQ story in full, click HERE

Leahy apologized to Sessions in private and then in public, but it's unclear if the bruise in their relationship had been healed. Leahy did recently allow the Rs on the panel all the time they wanted to question an Obama appointee to an appellate judge post.

“Sen. Leahy can be very gracious when he puts his mind to it,” Sessions was quoted as saying.

-- Sam Hemingway

Leaky Leahy got "carried away" when he gave away state secrets as well. He's nothing more than a pompous butthead who thinks too highly of himself.
No, but in addition to being the Senior Senator from the State of Vermont, he's the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Make a note of it and get yourself a case and a clue, little fella.
Our Senior Senator is only responsible for 1000 plus jobs in the state this past year alone! Can Douglas say the same? What have you(with the snide comments about Saint Patrick) done to subtract from VT's unemployment rolls? Nothing. Where are the $ our president gave Douglas to boost the economy? Weren't we "shovel-ready"? Is he in Washington to get advice on where to use that $?
Leahy is such an idiot. Pompous is a great word for the crabby old man. I think Douglas has 10 times the class Leahy does. Let me share something with you as well. As a business owner taxes are a direct inhibitor of the amount of people I can employ. If you don't think raising taxes doesn't affect the unemployment rate you are crazy.
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