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On the TMD docket

Town meeting is just around the corner. Among the items of interest this year:

- Burlington will decide who is going to be mayor for the next three years. Instant runoff voting makes this one especially hard to predict.

- For the first time, some schools face the two-vote barometer. If they want to spend over a certain amount, they have to split it in two and let voters have at it twice. School officials avoided this like the plague if they could, but a few fell victim to bad timing on construction project payoffs and such. We'll get to see next Tuesday if voters are willing to say aye twice.

- A bunch of towns - 45 or so - will "decide" whether Vermont Yankee should be shut down with a non-binding resolution. There's no question where organizers of the movement stand - they want it shut down, so it will be interesting to see if voters in any of these towns say otherwise.

Any other items out there in the land that you've got your eyes on?

- Terri Hallenbeck

Come on Burlington voters - elect someone new!
"organizers of the movement ... want it shut down, so it will be interesting to see if voters in any of these towns say otherwise."

It will only be interesting if "any" towns out of the 45 vote to give Entergy Nuclear another 20 years?

What kind of standard is that, or did I misunderstand you?
that characterization probably has something to do with the age of the plant.. A falling apart reactor - it's one of the five oldest in the country.
VY is one of the oldest operating plants in the nation, but it is not one of the FIVE oldest. Of the 104 plants still operating, the oldest plants with date of first commercial operation are: Fort Calhoun (6/20/74), Ginna (12/2/69), Point Beach 1 (12/21/70), Point Beach 2 (10/1/72), Prarie Island 2 (12/21/74), Prarie Island 1 (12/16/73), Kewaunee (6/16/74), Monticello (6/30/71), Oyster Creek (12/1/69), Nine Mile Point (12/1/69), Vermont Yankee (11/30/72)
Stop talking about this and start talking about wind and solar and geothermal.
I agree with you on the solar and geothermal but wind will never get permitted to the extent it would ever produce sufficient amounts; however, until we can unplug VT Yankee and plug into alternative energy sources are we suppose to shut down existing businesses for lack of electricity? or too expensive they cannot compete?
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