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Ultra-Lib Shappy Smith starts his carear as Speaker by proposing $150 million in bondage?

How insane is that?

First it was the gays and their "marriage rights" ... and now we are using taxpayer dollars for the Speaker's S&M fettish.

Enough is enough! Take Back Vermont already!!
How's that hole you're living in Cletus?
Gee, another day, another VY leak.

What are the odds.

I didn't catch the whole thing. Did doogie happen to mention that?
Most adults will realize that we shouldn't be spending taxpayer dollars on kink and perversion.

When taxpayers realize what this $150 million bondage proposal is about, they WILL revolt.
By far, Douglas's weakest speech in a long time. No vision, no ideas and no accountability for his own failings as a leader. Don't stare at yourself in that water too long Narci.. I mean Jim.
Douglas phoned that speech in for sure. I could almost hear him yawning.
Schools really need to level funded this year - and no I am not a Republican!
it was a good speech. lots of stuff that needs to be on the table.
jw couldn't get a government job even if they were paying people to sit around the house in their bathrobes.

He's unemployed, unemployable, and bitter.

How's that job thing comin, jw? File any applications lately?
So why do you continue to contribute?
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