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Live from Montpelier

We've unpacked our stuff and moved into our Montpelier office, ready for the 2009 session.

There are minor indications around town that the onslaught is about to hit, but not many. There are, for example, plenty of parking spaces available, which will not be true later in the week.

Those of you who have noticed that we have yet to change the blogging system are right. The online people tell me they could have something for us next week perhaps.

In the meantime, they're working up something to carry the governor's inaugural address live Thursday online, with live blogging. They are planning to do the same with the Burlington mayoral debate Thursday morning.

Thursday is day the governor addresses the Legislature, which returns Wednesday for members to be sworn in and elect their leaders. Rep. Shap Smith, D-Morristown, appears to have the speaker of the House race to himself, as Rep. Steve Adams, R-Hartland, has withdrawn his candidacy.

Because Dems have a large majority, Smith was a virtual shoo-in anyway.

- Terri Hallenbeck

Has coop stopped in for coffee yet?
Live? Where? At the legislative site?
"Has coop stopped in for coffee yet?"

Only if it's free.
The Democrats rule the place - no more blaming it all on Douglas.
What are you smoking? The democrats might rule the place but they crumple like a bunch of paper dolls.
It is so hard to find parking during the session.
"If doogie and the gop minority don't bargain in good faith, then the Dems should tear their heads off."

Ohhhhhh A REAL MAN!!!!!
I'll bet they'll have a REAL hissy fit this time!!!
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