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Name that program

Once they were called food stamps. Now they will be called “3Squares VT.

In announcing Jan. 1 expansion of food stamp eligibility, Gov. Jim Douglas also today announced the new name.

“3Squares VT is more than just a renamed Food Stamp Program. It is an expanded supplemental nutrition assistance program that can help more hard-working Vermonters than ever put three square meals on their table. Calling the program by a more accurate name can help mitigate some of the embarrassment or stigma some applicants might associate with the program," Douglas said.

Does the name change really do anything? Is it easier to say you are applying for 3SquaresVT than applying for food stamps? Or does it pose of the risk of confusing people with so many program names?

- Terri Hallenbeck

Gee, no wonder he doesn't want to cut his ministry of propaganda staff.

Same incompetent hack, different name. Still, I'm sure he'll continue to do everything possible to increase demand while limiting supply.

He's a loyal bushie. That's his whole raison d'etre.
It's good to see an expansion of the program, especially in hard times like this one. (what it's called isn't important.)

I just wonder where Douglas is getting the money from.

What's he propose cutting in order to spend more here?

Or is he part of the raid of the education fund?
It's a federal program. I don't see how he can take credit for expanding it; unless he's expanding it using state funds; it's not clear to me.
blewinger, you don't understand, Doesless can take credit for anything, even Democratic programs. When you simply "do less", you can gain great popular support for "doing more' by stealing all the good ideas no matter where they came from. It is truly a great talent!
Oh, I get it; Showmanship. Tell me, was he wearing a Tutu when he made the announcement, or using a hat and cane.....?
I love comedians!
So Douglas expands a do-gooder, welfare program and jwcoop still finds fault. How surprising.
Too bad about Gov. Richardson. He's actually getting heat for something Douglas has been pulling for years.
Who gets more free food from the government?

Jim Douglas or a single mother who has just been laid off from NSA Industries?
Maybe you leftist partisans could name a few businesses that Jim Douglas has driven out of state the past few years. Golden Rule? Nope, that was crazy Howie. Northeast tool? Nope, crazy Howie again. Downsize IBM? Nope, crazy Howie with plenty of help from Bernie Sanders. The wholesale grocers in Bennington? Nope, Madeleine gets that one. If Howie or Madeleine didn't personally drive a business out, it was "helped" by CLF and VPIRG, both arms of the dimocrat party!
Jim gets more for lunch than a family of four for the day.
Make that several families of four.
How many families of four are eligible for $1200 a month in food benefits? Guess who is.
Frankly, I think the Governor should take a pay cut. He's overpayed by Vermont standards even looking at upper middleclass and corporate level paychecks.

Indeed, the governor's food stipend is outrageous and inappropriate. If he had any backbone, he would tell Vermont to keep the money.
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