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Disappearing Dean

Looks like another Obama administration post that former Vt. Gov. Howard Dean might have been a candidate for is going to someone else.

The Washington Post is reporting that Obama is going to name Sanjay Gupta, the CBS and CNN doctor/journalist to be his Surgeon General, a largely ceremonial post used to promote healthy life choices and advance an administration's health policies. To read the WaPo piece, click HERE.

Dean, a doctor who has chaired the Democratic National Committee the last four years and supposedly is on good terms with Obama, had recently made a big health care speech amid speculation he might get the nod. No dice, apparently.

Dean steps down from the DNC in exactly two weeks, and is said to be lined up to make some speeches overseas about the Obama campaign, its use of the Internet and the power of grassroots politics.

Hard to believe Obama isn't going to find a spot for him somewhere, but time is starting to run short for any kind of plum assignment.

-- Sam Hemingway

Come see Howard Dean at DemocracyFest; July 17th-19th in Burlington, VT! http://www.DemocracyFest.net
Looks like Sam Hemingway is blogging again after a long spell in the penalty box for publishing falsehoods.

Tell us Sam, why didn't you ever print a retraction after being caught in your lies here at the VTBuzz??
In case you have not noticed, Howard Dean has never been popular among Democratic insiders in Washington.

He was elected to the DNC by people outside the beltway and he was a pain in the ass to people like Obama Cheif of Staff Rahm Emanuel.

You are surprised that Rahm didn't give Howard a job?

Read a newspaper!!
Gov Dean is a roll-up-the-shirtsleeves kind of guy - and has recently said he wants to move more toward policy. I doubt he wants the post of SG and think Gupta will make a fine one.

as for Sam's lying - I think he has to look himself in the mirror at the end of his career and take a real hard look at his role in many situations where he's inserted his personal agenda. and he'll have to live with that. his words - you just have to take them for what they're worth.
According to Vermont News Guy, Tom Torti is fomulating the Free Press's opinions. That core value exercise was a smokescreen.
Well Torti has the best paying, easiest job in Vermont so he needs something to do!
Vermont News Guy points out that Tom Torti isn't only formulating the BFP's opinions, he's writing them word for word.
Anonymous said... "Vermont News Guy points out that Tom Torti isn't only formulating the BFP's opinions, he's writing them word for word."

Anybody who heard Jon Margolis on the Mark Johnson Show earlier this week would have a hard time taking "Vermont News Guy" seriously. Margolis claimed his site isn't a "blog" because he's not a partisan or a pundit, just a reporter who provides proper analysis and context.

Here's an example: "What happened to the institution that supposedly supports and pursues center-left policies? You may have heard of it, especially because its adherents hold four of the six statewide offices and dominate the Legislature. Not only that, but its presidential candidate whumped his opponent but good in Vermont just a few weeks ago.

Yup, it’s the Democratic Party. The party of FDR, HST, JFK, LBJ, and HHH. Not one of whom would have stood by and allowed cuts in legal assistance for the poor, or weaker enforcement of human rights violations, or spending less on services for sick children without saying—no, without proclaiming—‘Wait a minute! There must be some way we can find some money here’

That Democratic Party lives, just not here."
Margolis is a very good reporter.

His point is that the Democratic leadership is not proposing any alternatives to Douglas's latest cuts to social programs.

Furthermore, he's right when he says that the BFP gave Tom Torti a lot of space to promote his agenda without any balance from another perspective.
Crazy Howie is a nasty, vile, partisan hack that the dimocrats are glad to see "go away". In a time of an unpopular war, natural disasters, and financial problems caused by the dims but blamed on the current admin by the liberal press, the Republicans did amazingly well, all things considered. Howie is a joke.
Howard should be appointed US Ambassador to Canada. It's a big trading partner and an importat ally.

Howard would be great!
Here, here!
If Howard is a partisan hack - then what do you make of Jim Douglas!

Douglas has brought more partisanship to the Statehouse than any other person there!
Actually, the more I think about it - Lil' Howie would fit right in with Blogojavich, Burris, Al Franken, Richardson, Hillary (And how much did YOU donate to our library!), and of course Caroline ("You know, you know") Kennedy! This should be a jackpot for Republicans!
Barack & Rahm realize what some of us Vermonters have known for years - Dean is a New York hack- a know-it-all and too stubborn to be a team player. Obama wants to call the shots- he doesn't need Dean.
Rahm can't stand the fact that Dean's strategy was the right one and his was the ineffective one.
A New York hack?? You must be talking about Rudy Giuliani.
turk Rock
Howard would make an excellent U.S. Ambassador to Canada!
Coop- you should have let Barry know that Howie had signed up all those dems- Howie has been patting himself on the back thinking he alone was the catalyst. Don't you think the Iraq war, Katrina and Obama's "charm" switched a lot of voters?
As I said- Obama knows Dean well enough and that is why he hasn't been offered a position.
Isn't Howie still a doc of some kind? Maybe he could follow the example of ex-Senator Bill Frist and spend some time as an unpaid doctor in the poorest regions of Africa serving humanity.

When pigs fly.
With you advising him-how could he go wrong!!
Emmanuel is a very vindictive person whose ego doesn't allow him to admit he was wrong--hence Dean's banishment.
Rahm = Obama's Cheney? Already policy changes re Social Security and Medicare and Obama is not sworn in yet. Changes in tax policies also--more in line with the status quo. Looks like Blue Dogs in power again and more of same due. Same policy toward Middle East that got us 9-11 also in the future. Whatever happened to change you can believe in?
I'm aware of the fact that Rahm is working for Obama; that's the problem. It's Obama who has done an about face in regard to policies he promoted when running for office. This since Biden marginalized and Emanuel has become Obama's right-hand man. Or is it the other way around? You're in denial. Look at what Obama has said about cuts in Social Security and Medicare today; does that sound like policy he promised while on the campaign trail? The difference is Emanuel who is a Blue Dog at the very least if not a Repub in sheep's clothing. Also advocates same deference to Israel the Bush administration has that brought us 9-11. Whose in denial?
"No, but he was the last competent Governor of the State of Vermont."

That's exactly right. And he wasn't a Democrat, at least not the Vermont kind!
You're a complete idiot, and you're in willful denial if you're going to argue that Dean was the same guy he is now when he was Governor of Vermont. You ridiculous, transparent retard hack.
Wrong again, clueless fool. I voted for Dean. Every fookin time. Because he WASN'T an anti-business LizReady/DickMcCormack/Cheryl Rivers anti-business freak. Because he slapped those three around every chance he got.

You're such a reality-intolerant fool.
Then we have something in common. 'Cept, you're now potraying him as a liberal. When he was Gov., he wasn't. Competent as all get out, sure, but pro biz and not a screamin' liberal. That's why I voted for him 5 times, too.

Oh, by the way, you're still an idiot.
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