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Thursday's political extravaganza

Without leaving the comfort of your chair, you can tune in to two political events tomorrow and take part in the debate about them:

- First, in Burlington, the mayoral debate: The Burlington Business Association hosts the first mayoral debate, moderated by The Burlington Free Press, at 8-9:45 a.m. Thursday at the Film House at The Main Street Landing Performing Arts Center.

Watch the debate at www.burlingtonfreepress.com, where the Free Press will live stream video and blog from the event. Readers will have the opportunity to ask questions, which may be used during the debate, as well as discuss the candidates’ responses. The candidates will be asked an introduction question, plus six issue questions. Each candidate will have one minute to respond. Then, the format of the debate will change to direct conversation, as Publisher Brad Robertson and Executive Editor Mike Townsend will ask follow-up questions and questions from Free Press readers. The candidates will then have two minutes each for their closing statements.

- Then, the governor’s inaugural address in the afternoon: Jim Douglas is sworn in for a fourth term as Vermont’s governor. The politics and pageantry get under way at 2 p.m. Thursday at the Statehouse. The events in Montpelier will be live streamed at www.burlingtonfreepress.com. Candace Page will provide online analysis and moderate the Free Press’ live blog.

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Will Tom Torti be steaming live for the Freeps too?
Gee, another week, another VY leak.

What are the odds.

Is this their first or second leak of '09? It's so easy to lose track.
Another hour another moronic post from JW.

What are the odds?

Is this the 100th or 1000th from him of '09? It's so easy to lose track.
The only way to get an intelligent blog is probably impossible. That would be requiring the bloggers to state where they are employed, if retired and from where, on the dole, or living on trust funds. The Atlanta Journal tried this a few years ago but I believe it was voluntary so of course it didn't work. What liberal blogger defending stricter environmental laws would admit to being a trust funder? What would jw put down?
Furthermore the bloggers would need to submit:

-a full financial disclosure
-dental & medical records
-a list of sexual partners and their political associations

Anyone who refuses to submit this imformation will be tracked down by the Blogger police and shot.

Furthermore, we will assume that you are a filthy rich communist from New York City who wears pink panties who looks at midget porn.

Freedom isn't free.
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