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Looking for a candidate?

We've already noted the Republican incumbent Jim Douglas kicks off his re-election campaign tomorrow and Thursday with his "every county counts" tour.

Democrat Gaye Symington crisscrossed the state introducing her challenger campaign after drawing a crowd to the Statehouse steps for an opening event.
Progressive Anthony Pollina has held two kick off events -- including a recent rally on a sunny day in downtown Burlington.

But have you met some of the other gubernatorial candidates?

There's Sam Young, 30, of West Glover, who is running his campaign largely online. With a background in computer science and debate, he no doubt brings some skills to campaign strategy. Young is running as an independent. It will be a long time until we know if he actually has the signatures to be on the ballot, but in the meantime, check out what he has to say here.

And do you know Tony O'Connor, another independent? O'Connor, 57, lives in Derby and has a passion about energy as an issue for this gubernatorial race, but also has views on everything from rest areas to how to lure doctors back to rural communities. Take a look at O'Connor's bio and ideas here.

At some point I foresee some interesting debates if these two independent mixing it up with the party candidates above. Tune in.

-- Nancy Remsen

And how about all of them candidates for Congress??? Wow! What a spirited contest we'll have for Peter Welch's seat!

Seriously folks, the VT GOP is so helpless that they can't even find a candidate for Congress!

Heck of a job Robbie Roeper. Heck of a job!
Who's running for LT Gov?

The first link is missing the "o" in vermont.
The LT gov doesn't do anything. Who cares who is running?

Vermont has one congressman to represent it in Washington. It's kind of a big deal.
Don't confuse the whacks with the facts.
Sam Young is a BIAS JERK
Sam who the hell would vote for you, you know you are a jerk.
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