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DNC's new home:Chicago

Looks like Howard Dean will be seeing a lot of the Windy City over the next few months.

Our former guv has been making the Burlington-Washington D.C. commute on a regular basis since becoming chairman of the Democratic National Committee after his aborted 2004 presidential bid. Word out of DeeCee today is that most of DNC's operations are going to be moved to Chicago and be folded into Barack Obama's campaign organization for the fall presidential campaign.

The Politico web site has the story and you can too if you click HERE. According to the report, Dean's precious baby, the 50-state organizer effort, and DNC's "political department" will be shifted to Chicago. No word on whether Dean himself will be headed west, but I don't think he's in a position to object if Obama wants him there.

Makes you wonder all over again about what it would have been like if Dean had won the 2004 Democratic nomination. Would Burlington have been the home base for his fall campaign, and would he have had the DNC under his intra-party rival Terry McAuliffe move to the city by the Lake Champlain shore?

-- Sam Hemingway

Well, Sam, seein' how Obama is the Democratic Party's Nominee for President and that he's currently the Junior Senator from the State of Illinois as well as the titular head of the Democratic Party, the move is really not that surprising or out of the ordinary.

Moreover, I believe Chicago is bit larger than Burlington with a few more folks than the Greater Burlington Metroplex, but, hey, that's just me.

Dean did a great job for the DNC and the Country just as he did for Vermont. If only we had someone with his integrity and competence hangin' his hat in the Pavilion Building now.

His internet fundraising campaign was the template for Obama's successful run for his Party's Presidential Nomination and I'm sure Obama's smart enough to know and appreciate that fact and Dean's efforts.
Wow, did you go to college? You are so insightful!!!
Yeah, I did. Compared to your factually-challenged/fundamentally-dishonest, nameless-nitwit ass, yeah, I am.

Gee, it only took your ignorant, anonymous ass the better part of two days to come up with that, schmuck? You're improving.

Unfortunately for your ignorant, anonymous ass, given the fact that Vermont's still at or near the top in state-by-state rankings of education systems instead of at or near the bottom with the red state rubbish, Obama's still gonna thump McCain in Vermont and you're still gonna be dumb, scum and have bupkis.

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