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D.C. dance

As Gov. Jim Douglas and Lt. Gov. Brian Dubie announced their ideas related to handling high fuel and food prices this week, each went out of his way to say how much they appreciated the work the congressional delegation was doing.

Dubie said speculation of fuel prices was creating a breakdown in market forces and he encouraged Congress to investigate.

Douglas walked a tighter line. As the Senate was voting on an excess profits tax this week, Douglas praised Congress' efforts. So was he for the excess profits tax that Republicans in the Senate squashed? Well, said spokesman Jason Gibbs, he was for debating the excess profits tax.

"He certainly would have voted to allow the bill to come to the floor," Gibbs said. "The governor supports having all ideas discussed."

It was hard to tell exactly why Douglas and Dubie were making a point of praising Congress' efforts, particularly given that Congress' efforts haven't succeeded in making any headway, although I did pay only $3.99 a gallon for gas yesterday.

Certainly, they wanted to make it clear that Washington, not Montpelier, should be the one solving these problems. Were they also trying to distance themselves from D.C. Republicans?

- Terri Hallenbeck

Just so typical -- Douglas and Dubie want to walk that line that appears they support both sides of the issue depending on who they are talking with.

Pure hypocrisy!
Douglas and Dubie can see the handwriting on the wall -- this November election is going to go very badly for the GOP nationwide and they want to try and put up a wall between them and DC.
Sounds to me like Douglas just handed out an endorsement to Congressman Welch!
Two-faced Jim. Pimps for Bush twice and tells Vermonters that he's "my guy." Now he turns tail and runs away from Bush like a little girl. Wimpy Jimmy. Isn't that what he was called throughout grade school, junior high and high school? Voted "most likely to never grow a set."
What the hell are "excess" profits?
Who is running against Brian Dubie?
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