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Tangled web

It's early in the campaign and lots of real people (not people like you) are not paying attention with precision detail yet, but let's take a gander at the candidates' Web sites.

Ever since Al Gore invented the Internet, campaigns have had this device that can be both a boon and a curse.

On the one hand, it gives candidates a way to reach voters directly, lure money out of their pockets and post only the information that looks most favorable to them.

On the other, it's a bear to prepare. Before you can post issue papers, you've got to write issue papers. To have an events calendar, you've got to have somebody feeding it with current events (or you risk looking outdated as some of our candidates already do).

That's one thing you will find lacking at this stage in the game - a calendar that tells you where and when you might see the candidate.

You're also not going to see much in the way of details about their stances on specific issues.

So this is your chance to offer up ideas for what info you'd like to see candidates post on their Web sites.

Here are the links to the highest state offices you'll be voting on this year:

- Terri Hallenbeck

Pollina's is actually pretty imformative. Thanks for pointing it out.
Don't confuse information with bullshit.
Peter Welch's opponent doesn't have a website?

Oh yea ... the Republicans are too pitiful to have a candidate.
McCain / Dole 2008 !!

You should probably get your story straight before lumping all the candidates in together. Pollina's site is very clear on issues and has a calender of events. Pollina is not like the other candidates who are either talking in rhetorical metaphors or excessive compromise. Look at Pollina's site and you will see for yourself a real candidate...
Pollina has lost 3 campaigns for statewide office.

How many times do the voters need to tell him that they don't like him?

Bug off already.
Apparently at least 4 times.
Pollina wants Democrats to suppport him - yet he has spent the last 20 years bashing BOTH GOP and Dems.

He has shown he can't win any election.

He actually went to GOP Hdqtrs on election nite 2002 to receive thanks from Brian Dubie for his help in electing Dubie to Lt Gov.

However, he does have good rhetoric!
I'm a Dem, and I'm bashing the Dems now too. The Party is a joke anymore. Most Dems have lost their way and are phoning it in. Maybe they need Pollina to bring them back to their roots.
Pollina = Douglas
I'm a Republican and I'm bashing Republicans. The party is a joke anymore. Most Republicans have lost their way and are phoning it in.
I'm a Progressive and I'm supporrting Progressives. The party represents real people. Most Progressives are ahead of the game on issues and truly understand issues, instead of rehashing cookie cutter political rhetoric. Maybe if the Dem's and Rep' stop groveling over their power real change could come about. Vote Progressive and Vermont will move forward.
Anonymous said...

"I'm a Progressive and I'm supporrting Progressives."

Thanks, Mr Nader. They couldn't have stolen it without ya.

"..The party represents real people. Most Progressives are ahead of the game on issues and truly understand issues, instead of rehashing cookie cutter political rhetoric..."

Thanks, Mr Pollina. Without you, Brian Dubie wouldn't be able to job-hunt on the Vermont Taxpayer's tab and the poor schmuck would have to get by as a pilot for American Airlines solely on what American Airlines pays him to be a pilot for American Airlines.

"...Maybe if the Dem's and Rep' stop groveling over their power real change could come about. Vote Progressive and Vermont will move forward."

And if Pollina can get enough suckers like you to buy his farcockteh "there's no difference between the Dems the Gops" delusional dreck, he just may crack 27 percent, confine Symington to 35 and allow the jimi douglas experience to do another two-year encore with 38 percent of the vote.

Congrats. He won't be able to do it without you.

Whenever he was asked who he was supporting for President, the late William F Buckley always answered, "The most VIABLE Conservative in the race.

Actually, he applied it to every candidate for every office in every election, but the point remains.

That, along with rampant election fraud and systematic purging of the Florida voter rolls, and an indefensible, unprecedented and un-citeable 5-4 Decision by a gop-run Supreme Court, is why Bush is in the White House, Dubie is Lite Gov, the Surplus and much of the Gulf Coast is gone, the Deficit is back and bigger than ever, upwards of 50K and counting US Troops have been killed and maimed in Iraq for nothing and the Country is in crisis.

Conservatives, klansmen, gun-nuts and neo-nazi nekwits make noise about voting Libertarian. They stomp their feet and threaten do vote for the likes of Pat Buchanan, Bob Barr and Ron Paul on the National scene and the lunatic-fringe likes of Clueless McClaughry and Ruth Dwyer in Vermont, but, in the end, 95 percent of the time, they vote gop because, at the end of the day, even their ignorant, ill-informed asses factually-challenged asses know the meaning of the word viable.

If only that were true of Progs and Pollinas.

This is not a Conservative Country. This is not a Liberal Country. This is a Moderate Country.

Vermont is more liberal than the Country, but that don't make it Pollina Country any more than it makes it Hannity's Amerika.

I support the most viable center-left moderate candidate in the race.

That's Obama for President and Symington for Governor.

Ya see, if there's a God, the gops are gone and they win, they have to govern. If they can't get govern and get anything done, they'll be gone and the Country and Vermont run the risk of gop scum gummin' up the works.

We've seen that movie. Given half a chance, the Gops will do for Vermont and the Country what Hitler did for Germany.

If you'll recall, that's a bad movie that doesn't end well for the good Herrs.

The Dems control both bodies in the Vermont Legislature.
There's no evidence that that's going to change. If anything, their majorities will get bigger.

In DC, Bernie caucuses with the Dems. In Vermont, there's five Progs in the House.

See how that works? Are ya followin' me here?

Pragmatism. Viability. They're not just for gops any more.
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