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Dean's dream

A lot of pundits now look back on Howard Dean's development of a dedicated small-donor base and use of the Internet during his failed 2004 presidential bid as efforts that blazed the trail for Barack Obama's successful bid for the nomination this year.

Looks like Obama is about to take advantage of another Dean brainstorm: his determination while chairman of the Democratic National Committee to rebuild the party's voter database and put professional political organizers on the ground in all 50 states.

The move, which involved an $8 million investment by the DNC that came under fierce criticism from many in the party establishment, appears to match Obama's unfolding strategy for winning several states that have not gone Democratic in recent elections, notably Virginia and Colorado. Check out the article by Huffington Post's Sam Stein HERE.

Obama is putting one of his own strategists, Paul Tewes, on the DNC staff to better coordinate the efforts of the DNC and Team Obama for the fall, but Dean's staying on as chairman. Seems that Obama and Dean get along just fine. Do ya think all this would have happened if Hillary Clinton was the nominee? I don't think so.

Here's another thought. If Obama captures the White House, he's got to reward Dean with more than a perfunctory appointment.

-- Sam Hemingway

Dean's been vindicated and proved right every step of the way. Vermont, the Country, the DNC and the Obama Campaign owe him a tremendous debt of gratitude and come November 5th, so will the rest of the World.
Howierd has been vindicated? We'll see.
Gee, I hate to confuse your ignorant anonymous ass with the facts, little factually-challenged fella, but given the fact that, as Governor, Dean left Vermont in far better shape than he found it - to say nothing of far better shape than it is now under the doogie/dubie debacle - while working with Legislative Majorities of both parties and that under his leadership at the DNC, the Dems have regained control of Congress from the hopelessly-corrupt, utterly-incompetent gop scum thereby allowing the likes of Pat Leahy to expose the most corrupt, incompetent, illegitimate and justifiably-unpopular Presidential Administration in US History while making gains in Governorships and State Legislatures all over the Country and supplying the internet fundraising strategy that enabled Obama to virtually come out of nowhere to defeat a prohibitive favorite for the Dem Nomination putting him in position to deny bush a third term, defeat clueless mcsame in November and put an end to our long national/global nightmare in November, just what's he been wrong about, little nameless-nitwit fella?

That's what I thought.

Always a pleasure.
Screw Howierd

"Screw Howierd"

That's the most fact-filled, well-reasoned argument your ignorant, anonymous ass has attempted to advance yet, little factually-challenged/nameless-nitwit fella.

You just may make ignorant trash with bupkis -10th rate, yet, little fella.

Always a pleasure.
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