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Dems name interim chief

Kristina Althoff will serve as interim executive director and coordinated campaign director of the Vermont Democratic Party.

She will fill in for executive director Jill Krowinski while Krowinski manages Gaye Symington's gubernatorial campaign.

She worked on Barack Obama's presidential campaign for 15 months in Vermont, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania and Kentucky.

From 2005 to 2006, she was director of the Vermont Democratic House Campaign. In 2004, Althoff was a field organizer for the Vermont Democratic Party Coordinated Campaign in Chittenden County.

- Terri Hallenbeck

The true litmus test will be to see if she can find a Democrat to run against Dick Mazza.
Like Ira Trombley?
She has got bigger fish to fry!
Vermont needs more Dick Mazza's, not less.
you mean 'fewer'
More Mazza, less Condos
Anonymous said...

"More Mazza, less Condos"

Vermont certainly needs less ignorant, ill-informed, anonymous trash with bupkis, little nameless-nitwit/got bupkis fella.

Always a pleasure.
Are you kidding me?

Condos fights for local government all the time! He continually attacks Douglas' shell game of budgeting - which would have increased property taxes by about $100 million - and which Mazza supports too.
Anonymous said...

"Are you kidding me?

Condos fights for local government all the time!.."

Don't confuse the whacks with the facts. It only makes 'em more delusional.
More Mazza, less Condos now that Annie has gone south. Jimmie boy might actually have to claim residency in Chittenden County rather than Annie's house in Washington County. Condos definately does not represent those who elect him...just the VSEA. Bye, bye Annie. Boo Hoo
A little less VSEA would be good for Vermont.
No, but a lot less ignorant anonymous trash with bupkis would be just what the doctor ordered with respect to education, little factually-challenged, nameless-nitwit fella.

Thanks, once again, little fella, for illustrating that it's no coincidence that the majority of state education systems at the bottom of the state by state rankings are red.

No racists, no Reagan. No bigots, no Bush. No statewide investment in education = a bumper crop of brain-dead gop bigots with bupkis.

Always a pleasure.
VSEA Rocks! One of the few Vermont institutions left that keeps Doesless in check. Vermonters united will never be defeated!
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