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Welch joins new caucus

Freshman Rep. Peter Welch, D-Vt., joined a new caucus this week.

Welch will be one of the vice-chairmen of the just-created Bi-partisan Congressional Caucus on Equality for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Americans. The caucus, led by openly gay Reps. Barney Frank, D-Mass., and Tammy Baldwin, D-Wis., has more than 50 members, most of them Democrats.

The group hopes to raise awareness of issues that affect the gay community and push for laws to outlaw hate crimes and end workplace discrimination.

- Erin Kelly

We already have laws outlawing "hate crimes" This is nothing more than a PC move by "have you been injured?" Peter let's sue'm Welch.
It's always nice to hear from the Mark Foley/Larry Craig Wing of the GOP, little factually-challenged/fundamentally-dishonest/closet full of bupkis fella.

Always a pleasure.
And it's always equally good to hear from the Jeremiah Wright wing of the the Democrat Party.

"And it's always equally good to hear from the Jeremiah Wright wing of the the Democrat Party."

Mark Foley represented the 16th Congressional District of Florida for the better part of 6 terms preaching family values before being forced to resign in disgrace.

Larry Craig, another champion of "family values" is the Senior Senator from the State of Idaho who promised to resign after it was discovered that he entered a guilty plea to a misdemeanor charge of disorderly conduct on 8/1/07 after being arrested in the Minneapolis-St Paul Airport on suspicion of Lewd Conduct before changing his mind and he unsuccessfully sought to have his guilty plea withdrawn and his conviction overturned.

Since then, a series of men have come forward claiming to have had homosexual relations with the vehemently Anti-Gay Craig.

What State is Reverend Jeremiah Wright the ultra-conservative, anti-gay Senior Senator of and how many times has he entered guilty pleas to charges of disorderly conduct after being arrested on suspicion of lewd behavior in International Airport men's rooms, little factually-challenged/nameless-nitwit fella?

How many times has he been forced to resign in the middle of his sixth term in Congress in disgrace while pretending to be a champion of morality and family values?

That's what I thought.

Always a pleasure.
Have you been injured JW? Just call on dufus Welch for help.

"Have you been injured JW? Just call on dufus Welch for help."

Nice try, little factually-challenged/nameless-nitwit fella.

In other words, you're dumb, you're scum and ya got bupkis. Thanks for clearin' that up.

I'll leave what's left of your ignorant anonymous ass by the curb with the rest of the trash. Just pick it up before the raccoons get into it and make a mess of things.

Always a pleasure.
You love to read your ignorant trash AH JW. Too bad you haven't a clue Bung Hole

"You love to read your ignorant trash AH JW. Too bad you haven't a clue Bung Hole"

Nah, I just love kickin' the delusional-dreck dealin' likes of your ignorant, anonymous punk ass from pillar to post, little factually-challenged, nameless-nitwit filly.

It's not much of a challenge, but it's always a pleasure and now that the weather appears to have finally broken and picnic weather is here, I've got a brand new magnifyin' glass with your gop-slop spewin', ignorant-trash with bupkis name on it, auntie amerika, so roll out those lazy, hazy crazy days of summer, schmuck.

Here's to your enlightenment.
Go Peter. It's nice to see that he will bring Vermont's voice of glbt inclusion to Washington DC. Many parts of the country have a lot to learn.
Off subject, but I loved that the Times Argus ran a front page photo of the banners someone hung over State Street on Friday. One of them said "Decommission Douglas" and that banner should make its way to every Vermont town for a one-day hang. Even in Enosburg Falls where Douglas the prim and proper wore a shirt and tie for a parade in 90+ degree heat. This guy can't loosen up for anything. I think Little Sprout (Lunderville) made the trip too. Pimping for Jim already. Secretary of the Administration my butt. What secret room will Smith be holed up in while Neale Sedaka pollutes Vermont with Douglas propaganda?
I saw Leahy on TV last night at the Vermont Tech ceremony in Williston.

On the hottest day of the year, he was wearing a coat also...and just so you know, the only one in the group.

Apparently its tough to loosen up on both sides of the political aisle with the possible exception of Bernie. He undoubtedly would have been challenged to have combed his hair, tucked in his shirt and put on a pair of matching socks.

Any guess if he has weeded his DC garden yet?
Which way is it? The left is too groomed or too sloppy? Sounds like someone wants to have his cake...
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