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How big is Vermont and its politics

How many square miles are in Vermont is the latest gubernatorial hot topic.

The Republican Governors Association pulled out its first piece of weaponry in the campaign today with an email to media taking Democrat Deb Markowitz to task for a fundraising letter that asks supporters to give $1 for every one of Vermont's 9,351 square feet.

But wait, RGA spokesman Tim Murtaugh says:
In reality, Vermont’s geographic footprint is 9,609 square miles, according to the Vermont Department of Tourism & Marketing’s website and St. Michael’s College. Interestingly, Markowitz’s e-mail pitch differs in its description of Vermont’s size as compared to her own Secretary of State website’s Kids Pages, which claims the state to be 9,614 square miles.

But wait, Markowitz campaign manager Paul Tencher says:

The U.S. Census has another number: 9,250 square miles. It is pretty sad that while 6.4 percent of Vermonters are out of work, Republicans in Washington are attacking Deb for an email sent to supporters about how she will create jobs, while Brian Dubie and Jim Douglas continue to fail at this task. We are glad the RGA pays close attention to Deb's strong fundraising record though.

Which doesn't quite explain where the 9,351 figure came from.

Indeed, if you search the Interweb you will find many answers for Vermont square mileage, including 9,249, 9,615, 9.609. All of them seem to agree Vermont is bigger than New Hampshire.

- Terri Hallenbeck

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Or, maybe they are paying attention to Deb's utter lack of attention to details. Which by the way is an excellent attribute for a governor to have.

Let's play a game. So far we have an effort to raise money on random things like snow fall or sq miles of the state. Everyone suggest Deb's next totally random number to raise money.

I'll start.

I like MLK and we celebrate him on the 18th this year so send me $18.
thank god they're concerned about important issues. and are you sure she's an American?
It only makes sense that your geographical FOOTprint would be measured in square FEET.

Divide 9351 sq. ft. by 2 -- for bipeds -- and you get Vermont's population: 4675 and a half.
Don't support Deb. She's on record as wanting to introduce the IRV voting system statewide.

You know, the wonderful electroal scheme that gave us Mayor Numbnuts and his pal Herr Leopold and BT-gate.
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