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Douglas' last State of State

Thursday, Gov. Jim Douglas gives his last State of the State address. Douglas himself pointed out that exactly one year from today (Jan. 6) he will leave office.

You can watch Thursday's 2 p.m. speech live and take part in a live chat at The Burlington Free Press Web site.

Douglas said he will focus on job creation. Some of the proposals he will mention, he said, will be things he has proposed before that the Legislature has passed over. He will argue that the recession makes them all the more imperative.

It will be interesting to see whether he alters the proposals to address legislative concerns at all, whether he has recruited any new allies to his cause to sell the ideas to the dubious or whether he simply plans to blame legislators if they reject the ideas again.

- Terri Hallenbeck

Will Jim have Dubie stapled to his hip while he delivers his yearly dose of hollow rhetoric? Must hurt Brian to have Jim's hand and arm up his back all day to make his mouth move.
It may be uncomfortable. You should probably ask Shap how Shumlin's arm feels up his back.

Edgar Bergen
There is at least some good news;
"Thursday, Gov. Jim Douglas gives his last State of the State address."
Thank god we will not have to listen to Jim Douglas negative approach anymore.
Yeah, let's just have nothing but happy talk from the legislative Dems and pretend that there are no fundamental problems with this state.

Deny reality -- what a great idea!
Jim Douglas will do what he has always done - blame somebody else and most likely the Democrats.

Jim Douglas has always vision since he was elected Governor.
Who do you think will replace Dorothy Douglas?
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