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Zuckerman's LG strategy

Rep. David Zuckerman, the Burlington Progressive who is thinking of running for lieutenant governor in the Democratic primary, is launching his effort to figure out whether he has the Democratic support he would need.

Zuckerman said he plans to attend the Washington County Democratic Committee's meeting Monday night to test the waters. He's working on following that up with visits to other county Democratic committees.

Without the support of some of those people, he figures it's a no-go.

Zuckerman is also considering a run for the state Senate, also via the Democratic primary in the way Burlington Prog Tim Ashe did last year. Zuckerman is not expecting to run for his House seat again next year.

What kind of reception might he expect to get from the Dems?

- Terri Hallenbeck

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He must have just gotten fed up with Kesha Ram as his seatmate. I would. He should run for the Senate. He'd be a good Senator.
Yet another trust funder running Vermont. These people haven't got a clue what regular people have to do to make a living. Just because Zuckerman raises strawberries for a living doesn't qualify him to speak for the rest of us....cut your hair and get a real job then we'll think about your future.
hmmm. trust funder? like the flatlander Jim Douglas who has NEVER had a job out of state government?
David Zuckerman should be a proud Progressive. If he was I would vote for him but a Progressive pretending to be a Democrat is a hypocrite. i would write in the name of a real Progressive.
Looks like there is some resentment here against flatlanders, trustfunders, and state workers. But, added together, they probably make up two-thirds of Vermonters. So Zuckerman, who apparently qualifies as all three, might find some votes here.

Personally, I don't mind ponytails but I don't trust Progressives.
I also think Pollina should run.

Hasn't he had his chance - or should I say chances?

How many elections has he won?

Pollina has not even won a race for selectman, school board, or a house seat - but somehow he is qualified to run for a statewide office - give me a break!

At least Zuckerman has run for AND WON a House seat (several times!)

Zuckerman should run for Senate!
Isn't Pollina too busy runninhg his Vermont Milk Company.............into the ground
"hmmm. trust funder? like the flatlander Jim Douglas who has NEVER had a job out of state government??

No, I think you mean Bernie.

Yeah, why not run that loser stiff again? Here's a little history, friend:

Pollina for Congress as a Democrat, 1986 (loser)

Pollina for Governor as a Prog, 2000 (loser)

Pollina for Lt. Governor as a Prog, 2002 (loser)

Pollina for Governor as a Prog-turned-Independent, 2008 (loser).

Like I said, sure, why not run this loser again?
I hope and expect that Zuckerman finds exactly the hostile audience among the Democrats that he has worked so hard over the years to create. Since he first started running as a Prog in the mid-1990s, he has had nothing but disparaging words for the Vt. Democratic Party. Now he wants their support?

Also, he's thinking about Lt. Gov. but also maybe State Senate? This appears to be about Zuckerman's political ambition more than any principles.
Zuckerman has a good chance in the Lt. Gov race. People should support him.
Run, David, Run.
Zuckermann deserves a chance just like anyone else.
"...flatlanders, trustfunders, and state workers. But, added together, they probably make up two-thirds of Vermonters."

Doesn't that say it all about Vermont. And you wonder why we can't get our budget under control.

you are not being fair or realistic re: state workers!

They are members of your family, your neighbors, your friends and they pay taxes just like you and I.

And just like any private sector, they are hard working!

It must be easy to s#&t on state workers when you don't have to put your name on it.

Enough of the slams on state workers!
The fact that they are our family, friends, and neighbors doesn't mean that they deserve a job at everyone else's expense.

And they don't pay taxes, actually. I and everyone else pay their salaraies, so it's actually me being taxed twice.
That sounds like fuzzy math - and does not make sense!

No one said they deserve a job at everyone's expense - just that they have a job and do it!

And yes, they do pay taxes - they pay the same taxes you do - income, sales, purchase & use, rooms & meals, etc. - just like you - unless of course you don't pay your taxes!
Zuckerman should run for Lt. Governor as a Progressive. He is a Progressive and should be proud to run as one.
Lots of people who complain don't even pay taxes!
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