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Leahy to talk on trial of five 9/11 terror suspects

Patrick Leahy's campaign manager has called attention to the senator's scheduled appearance Sunday on CBS's "Face the Nation" where he will discuss the news of today -- that five 9/11 terror suspects will be tried in federal court in New York City.

"Sen. Leahy believes that trying Khalid Shaikh Mohammed and four other suspects in federal court will help us bring long overdue justice to the 9/11 terrorists, and he hopes the cases will move forward promptly," wrote Carolyn Dwyer, advising supporters to tune in and watch the senator in action.

"It's a clear demonstration to the world that we trust our judicial system to bring suspected terrorists to justice," Dwyer wrote on behalf of Leahy.

Leahy's view is hardly universal so it could be a lively discussion.

-- Nancy Remsen


I have 2 questions for Leahy:
Can we let them out on bail so they can walk around NYC?
Can we shoot them first and have the trial posthumously?
Let's see Leahy talk about something that takes guts. Such as calling out Barrack Obama's faulty escalations of war or the Dem's health-industry concessions to the insurance industry and the pharmaceutical corporations.
WOW! What a surprise coming from Leahy. He has built his career as a partisan attack dog and apologist.

This thread might be interesting if Leahy were to have had a moment of independent critical thought and spoke out about the foolishness of decision as well as the folly of B.O. pretending to have turned this important decision over to his underling, Eric 'I pardon tax frauds' Holder.
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