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Tom Evslin makes news in West Virginia

Tom Evslin, chief of the state's economic stimulus office until a recent promotion, got himself quoted in the Charleston Daily Mail in West Virginia warning legislators to beware the financial reality after those federal dollars go away next year.

Evslin said Ry Rivard, the Mail reporter, found via Google and found his observations useful. Check out the story here.

In the story, Evslin is quoted as saying he's heard some Vermont politicians saying they don't want to make structural cuts to state government because then they won't be able to make a case for another round of stimulus.

"It's a bit like killing your parents and throwing yourself on the mercy of the court because you're an orphan," Evslin is quoted as saying in the story.

"We are facing a hole," Evslin said Tuesday, offering a message similar to the one he gave West Virginia readers. "This legislative session is going to be a very tough one."

While state revenues will recover some ground lost over the past year, Evslin predicts the recovery won't be enough to avoid the need for tough cuts. "If we don't do structural things, we will be in a very bad situation," he said. "I certainly worry about that."

It's obvious from the orphan quote that Evslin doesn't think any Legislature should bank on another round of stimulus money.

-- Nancy Remsen

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Will his job be eliminated once the money train stops? I hear we can use every penny. Thanks for your service!
So what!
You mean that Big Daddy federal government is going to stop sending us free money? That can't be. Quick, call Leahy, Sanders and Welch. Keep the gravy train running!
Evslin is currently doing his job for free and not drawing a salary.
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