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How do you bridge Lake Champlain?

If you've ever been to Budapest or Prague you know the power that a really nice bridge can have. People stroll across the Chain and Charles bridges day and night simply because someone had the foresight to add art to functionality.

In Vermont and New York, officials face the task of building a new bridge between Chimney Point and Crown Point. In case you missed it, you can read more about it here. They are under pressure to do it quickly, so as to ease the stress of those who depend on the bridge to commute, and they are under pressure to do it cheaply, as neither state is flush with cash.

In light of that, what kind of bridge do you want? I'm not saying that with the right style of bridge Chimney Point and Crown Point become Buda and Pest, not saying we'd even want that, but the two spots on Lake Champlain have their own special history and beauty. It's something to think about.

- Terri Hallenbeck

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Built it so it supports itself .

Charge tolls.With close to 4,000 cars a day even at a modest fee would cover some of the up-keep.
We would need a Governor like Pollina to come up with new ideas - even for things like bridges.
The Lake is there for a reason: to keep Vermonters and New Yorkers apart. That's the way God and Ethan Allen intended it to be. No new bridge!
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