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Salmon goes on the offensive

Auditor Tom Salmon has made himself extraordinarily available to talk about his arrest for drunken driving last weekend. Along with returning reporters' phone calls and going on radio talk shows, he announced this morning he'll hold a news conference Friday afternoon.

There are indications that the scrutiny is getting to Salmon. In the announcement about the news conference, he says he "respectfully invites all perfect and imperfect people."

On Facebook, meanwhile, he says, "Sticks and stones may break my bones but words (and cartoons) will never hurt me. People are starving for the truth and leadership. Stay tuned. Fri Press Conference. All perfect and non perfect people are invited."

I haven't seen whatever cartoon he'd be referencing. Undoubtedly, there are a lot of comments out there about his situation that are hard to take. It should not go without mentioning that the comments are frequently flavored by politics in a way that seems, frankly, shallow. Republicans defend him and pat him on the back. What would they be doing if he were still a Democrat? Democrats make snide comments. Would they if he had not just switched to become a Republican?

- Terri Hallenbeck

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Salmon should just shut his mouth and go about the business Vermonters elected him to do. These days it seems like his drive to actually do the job of auditor is coming in second to crusading and saving face. We'll see and hear enough of you when you're running for election next year Tommy Boy. Just do your job and STFU.
although I think he may have erred with what he included within his press release that it appears he has doing some needed venting (which should have been better kept to doing so during a counseling session or otherwise with someone else he can trust: i.e., there is being open and honest and then there is being much too much open and honest to the extent of TMI: Too Much Information), it seems that the error is mainly that his invitation should have been extended only to perfect people and for them to bring along the first stone to cast.

by the way, if it is possible to do and if you have not already done so, could the BFP please post on a complete copy of said press release if it is not available to the public and available online elsewhere. thank you in advance.
Remember; this guy has a family - people should not enjoy this so much.
He is a hard fellow to read. Elected on family name recognition and party strength, he did not have to defend his record in an election because of his deployment. His awkward mediation attempts, his now public troubles managing his personal finances, his change of party, his flirtation with running for governor, and now the DUI, all distract from the steadiness we expect from an auditor. He is in a rush to go somewhere else before he does the job he said he wanted.
Here's the press release. His office has since sent an update, changing the time to 1 p.m.

State Auditor Tom Salmon respectfully invites all perfect and imperfect people to a press conference in the Cedar Creek Room at the Statehouse, Friday, Nov. 20 at 2 p.m. for statements and questions.

- TH
The "imperfect" people comment would be cute if it wasn't such an obvious attempt to try and make people think this is not a big deal and happens to everyone. It doesn't, and I would like to introduce Mr. Salmon to my neighbor who lost her 19 year old to a drunk driver who also maintained he was in control after a "few drinks."
Salmon has tried to get out in front of this. He said he made a mistake and apologized to his family, supporters, and staff.

Here's what I have NOT heard from him- an apology to Vermonters who might have been on the road while he was driving drunk!
Cartoon was in Wednesday's Times Argus -- a Tim Newcomb.
Time for Salmon to show a little humility and step out of the limelight for a bit.
Clearly no one on this board is imperfect.

Give the guy a break. Remember the 'Do unto others' adage?
I would rather have a politician that is this honest than all the rest of them.
Yeah, give him a break - would you actually be saying that if he was still a Democrat - or is it because he is now a GOP that he can be forgiven!

Such hypocrites on this blog!
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