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Reaction to the Obama Peace Prize

Did anyone see the Nobel Peace Prize coming Barack Obama's way?

Here are comments from Vermont's U.S. senators. There's a big buzz out there in partisanland that I won't try to capture unless it becomes local. I'll add more comments if and as I get them.

Sen. Patrick Leahy: "It's a stunning announcement and it reflects well on America's ideals and the world's yearning for American leadership. Little is possible without leadership. No one can force other nations to follow, but President Obama is reintroducing America to the rest of the world, and people of goodwill everywhere do have hope about working together for progress on some of the world's most daunting and dangerous problems."

Sen. Bernie Sanders: President Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to reduce nuclear arms, ease tensions with the non-Western world and stress diplomacy. Americans should be extremely proud that we now have a president who is restoring respect and admiration for our country around the globe. At a time when our planet faces so many serious problems,, the United States must play a leadership role in bringing the international community together against our common enemies of war, terrorism, poverty, AIDS and global warming. The awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to President Obama is a show of support for his effort in that direction.

-- Nancy Remsen

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two words: "Beer Summit"
I'll bet that if Obama pushed for tax cuts and privatizing of government - the right wingers would find fault with that!

The GOP and its right wing conservatives are looking more and more irrelavent.
Obama didn't win the prize because he's done anything. He hasn't actually accomplished anything tangible for "world peace" yet. He won the prize because the Nobel committee wanted to send an anti-Bush message. He won the prize because he's NOT Bush. The nominations were made a long time ago, when Obama had barely taken office.

And sending an anti-Bush message is okay with me.

But let's be perfectly clear and not kid ourselves about the reason for the prize. The Nobel committee is telling the US that it doesn't like the way the US behaved under Bush.
That's their right to do so.
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