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Dubie's silence about his future ends Thursday

Lt. Gov. Brian Dubie will announce today what his future political plans will be.

It's been a month since Gov. Jim Douglas made his surprise announcement -- that he wouldn't run for a fifth term in 2010.

The logical question was whether the man Douglas called his "co-pilot" would want to take the controls.

Dubie said he needed time to explore such a move with political advisors and his family.

We learn tomorrow morning.

-- Nancy Remsen

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Sounds like the Doooobster's advisors had him delay until he squeezed every last dime out of the RNC
Either way, Matt Dunne is coming on strong.
Matt who? Coming on strong? Yeah, he's sure been in the news a lot lately. What a joke.
Would have loved to see Dunne hammer Dubie in a rematch of '06. He'd be twice the candidate and three times the governor.
Great timing. Will he also address the Douglas/Dubie administration's failed leadership on the economy? Accoring to the BFP:

"Vermont’s median household income sank more than $5,700, or 10 percent, from 2005 to 2008 — the worst decline in the nation, U.S. Census Bureau figures show."
Very strange that Dubie is announcing not in person but via a press release.

Maybe he isn't running after all!
The real question is, other than a warm body, what does Dubie really bring to the table? He's had a soapbox for years now and hasn't used it much at all. You never see him commenting on the economy or any other big issues. He's a pilot and a family man, which is where he seems a lot more comfortable. Be nice to elect a governor that has some fire in the belly and will work instead of running around the state smiling and slapping on the back.
The Vermont state cops threw their support to Dunne last time he ran against Dubie. Wonder how they'll find a way to now endorse Dubie.
Because Dubie supports the death penalty.
Dubie is pro-life -- how can he support the death penalty!

That would be hypocritical!
Maybe Brian should rethink this decision. He doesn't seem prepared.
As far as experience, Brian Dubie is the most qualified candidate to lead Vermont. As far as being mainly a pilot and family man...I would love all my elected leaders to be great citizens first rather than just a political figure.
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