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Racine revamps his campaign Web site

That was fast.

Doug Racine, Democratic state senator and gubernatorial hopeful, just announced he had hired Brendan Bush of Original Gravity Media Inc. to redesign his Web site and presto, it's done.

Take a look at www.dougracine.com.

In the same announcement, Racine said he plans to tour the state soon. The calendar on the Web site will tell Vermonters where and when they can "chat with Doug."

-- Nancy Remsen


If he had a personality he may have had a chance. Too bad!
Revamping one's website has about as much to do with winning an election for Gov. of Vt. as, well, . . . nothing.
Go Doug - You have a lot going for you...

1) Born in VT
2) From a working man's family
3) Small business co-owner who has actually created jobs, maintained payroll, paid taxes
4)Strong legislative and State Exec experience
5) A great guy!
Gee, I didn't know Douglas had a personality!
Anyone notice that Racine's logo with the star in the center of the elongated triangles is a pretty brazen rip off of McCain-Palin?
oh, give me a break! Doug Racine has as much personality as Richard Nixon. Another strategical mistake was his pandering to the ultra-left. Forget it!
How about worrying about who will be the most effective governor? Didn't we learn anything from "the guy you'd like to have a beer with" and the disaster he was as a leader?
Yeah, so what!

You have almost every GOP andidate and some dems siiting with teh Amercian flag behind them or imbedded somehow in their signs!
Racine revamps his campaign website.


That's only news because it's about the boldest thing he's done in his career.
The best candidate is not running.
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