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Sanders' unfiltered thoughts on capitalism

Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., had only a cameo appearance on Michael Moore's "Capitalism: A Love Story." For those who want more of Sanders' thoughts on the topic, go to "Senator Sanders Unfiltered," his weekly online show.

Just a warning: when he says unfiltered, he means unfiltered. He does not pause. It's all pretty much one sentence for 4 minutes, 54 seconds. Nonetheless, the Internet is Sanders' perfect soap box.

A piece of it: "Capitalism does a lot of things that are well. ... On the other hand what we have had especially since the Reagan administration is an unfettered 'cowboy type capitalism,' which has ended up with the shrinking and decline of the middle class, a very significant increase in poverty and the reality that the people on top - the top 1 percent or 2 percent - are making out like bandits."

- Terri Hallenbeck

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That happens to be the truth.
Bernie is making out like a bandit himself -- on the government payroll -- and now he's a millionaire. He's been fooling the people of Vermont since he squeaked into public office as mayor of Burlington by 10 votes in 1980.
Jeeeeze, Bernie is the bad guy because he won an election by 10 votes almost 30 years ago. Here is how it works 10:05PM, October 4, 2009; the candidate that gets the most votes wins. It really doesn't matter if if its 10 votes or 10,000 votes, the results are the same.
Hey Anonymous 12:05p ---

Looks to me like you could take the first word of your first sentence "Bernie" out and replace it with Jim Douglas then end it before teh 2nd sentence and it would still be right!
Bernie the power-hungry millionaire. He's a capitalist by any other name and it's worked great for him. What a hypocrite.
BERNIE LOVES BERNIE - don't ever forget it.
Bernie works for his constituents--don't ever forget it.
Bernie works for Bernie, and his constituents can go to hell -- don't ever forget it.
Douglas works for Douglas, and his constituents can go to hell--don't ever forget it. (There, fixed it for you.)
Fine. Let's get rid of both Bernie and Douglas.

There, fixed it for you.
No logic there. Keep the guy who DOES work for his constituents, ie, Bernie. Why penalize people further who have already have to put up with the self-serving Douglas/
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