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Dubie is in

Speculation ends. Republican Lt. Brian Dubie is in the governor's race.

He duped those who thought he must not be if he's not having an event to announce it. He duped those who thought that my postponing his planned appearance this morning on the Charlie & Ernie radio show until tomorrow that he must not be in.

The e-mail from adviser Susie Hudson this morning:

Montpelier, VT – Vermont Lt. Governor Brian Dubie announced today that he will be a candidate for Governor of the State of Vermont in 2010. Dubie was elected to his fourth term as Vermont’s Lieutenant Governor in November 2008.

Lt. Governor Dubie’s statement comes roughly five weeks following Governor Jim Douglas’ announcement that he would not seek a fifth term.

Dubie said, “I have devoted the past few weeks to cross-checking my thoughts with the thoughts of other Vermonters – thoughts about where we are as a state and about the challenges we face. I have measured my experience and my capabilities against those benchmarks and have taken a long look at how we could lead our state forward through difficult times.”

Restoring jobs, restoring opportunity and restoring financial security are at the core of Lt. Governor Dubie’s agenda. “Every household in Vermont knows that you can’t spend more money than you take in. Our state revenues have fallen precipitously. We need to rebuild our base and work to grow opportunity. We must reject deficits. We need to manage and reduce debt. And finally, we need to rebuild our reserves and work to reduce taxes.”

A recurring theme for the Lieutenant Governor is about finding common ground.

“I tell Vermonters that I’m the middle child in a family of six. My mother raised me to be a moderator, a peacemaker. Today, we need moderation in our state. The skill of bringing people with divergent views together has served me well as Lieutenant Governor. Whoever becomes our next Governor, that person will need the ability to bring people together.”

The Lieutenant Governor said he will make a formal announcement at a later date.

Let the shuffling begin.

- Terri Hallenbeck

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statement sounds a lot like Salmon, hmmm....
All I can say is ...Thank God Airliners (and jets) have computers to fly them. Unfortunately, states don't have the same assistance when it comes to making policy decisions.
Suggested theme song for the Dubie campaign:

The Beatles' "Come Together".
A decent, honest, straightforward man who actually cares about Vermont.

Shummy and Smithy could take a lesson.
I really hope Pollina runs so we have choices.
4 time loser is not a "choice." He's a sad joke.
A Great man who has experience in both the private and public sector. Vermont would be priveledged to have him as Governor.
"A Great man who has experience in both the private and public sector. Vermont would be priveledged to have him as Governor."

His only private sector experience is ruining Vermont Milk Company. Sitting in coffee shops all day doesn't count as private sector experience.

His only public sector experience is running for statewide office 4 times and losing every time. Maybe if he tried state rep or state senate first, he might have some electoral credibility. But no, his ego's way too big for that.

Oh, yeah, I almost forgot: there's also that court-experience where he sued to get out from underneath the campaign finance law that he championed. He lost that one too. That was another great day in the embarrassing history of "Being Anthony Pollina."
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