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Th Bernie show

Senator Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., is hooking up with a quick-strike Internet video company to take his message to the ever expanding social networking world.

He's had a Facebook page for a while, and now he's got a Twitter account and the semblance of a weekly YouTube show, thanks to his association with Brave New Films, which is best known for its rapid response videos attacking Senator John McCain's "double talk" and the fair-and-balanced mantra of Fox News.

The show, titled Bernie Sanders Unfiltered, essentially amounts to Brave New Films selecting someone to pose a question to Sanders, who offers 100 seconds of his thoughts on the matter. This week's question, about Afghanistan, was posed by British indie rocker Billy Bragg.
Check it out by clicking HERE.

"He's talked about how to take advantage of any opportunity out there to communicate with people," said Sanders' spokesman Mike Briggs, talking about his boss' entry into the the YouTube world. "This is one more way to reach the people who don't catch him on the evening newscast."

-- Sam Hemingway

Whenever I see the bum from NYC on regular TV I switch the channel. Why would anyone want to see more of the tussled one spout his vitriol on more venues?
Bernie Sanders "Unfiltered" is redundant. He's already unfiltered. He's also nasty, intolerant, inflexible, arrogant, loud, and downright mean. If he were a kid, he's be sent to his room for being a boor. The last thing he needs is yet another outlet for his shouting accusations. He needs to go home, be quiet for a while, and get therapy.
Two of the nastiest, disgusting politicians in America are Howard Dean and Bernie Sanders. Why do "Vermonters" keep electing these morons? Any clues?
Howard Dean does not hold elective office and hasn't for some time; Bernie gets re-elected by overwhelming majorities. Both have citizens' interest in mind and represent or represented them well.
"Bernie gets re-elected by overwhelming majorities."

So did Ronald Reagan and Bush II. That doesn't mean they weren't a-holes and totally pulling the wool over people's eyes.
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