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Will another Snelling enter politics?

Mark Snelling, son of the late Gov. Richard Snelling and former Lt. Gov. Barbara Snelling and brother of Sen. Diane Snelling, R-Chittenden, has felt the lure of political possibility as a result of Gov. Jim Douglas' announcement that he won't seek a fifth term.

Snelling said he's considering a run for either governor or lieutenant governor. Unlike other prospective Republican gubernatorial candidates -- namely Randy Brock and John Bloomer -- Snelling isn't going to defer to the choice that Lt. Gov. Brian Dubie makes about seeking the top job.

Does that mean Snelling is willing to chance a primary?

This Snelling hasn't ever held public office -- no school board or selectboard seat, not even a class presidency in grade school. Still Snelling said he been involved behind the scenes in 10 of his parents' statewide campaigns.

Snelling offered no timetable for his decision. Like everyone else whose imagining themselves in the state's top job, he's talking with people about his potential candidacy.

"I don't think one should dally too much, particularly if the choice was to run for governor."

Dubie has promised a fairly quick decision.

Tea leaves anyone?

-- Nancy Remsen

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One thing is certain - Dubie is quickly losing support as he continues to be indecisive. I fear that he has passed the point of no return.
Name alone should not qualify a person for office. Period.

The GOP will have a tough time selling this guy after they kicked the crap out of Pollina for not holding an office before running.
It was not just the Republicans who correctly criticized Pollina for refusing to try for lower office before repeatedly running for Governor -- it was us Dems, too.
Clearly, the Democrats are not too accepting of anyone who is even slightly different!
Salmon for Gov
Komline for Lt Gov
If he's using the word "dally", he's already painted himself as an elitist.
"Clearly, the Democrats are not too accepting of anyone who is even slightly different!"

Um, how is this guy any different from any of the other rich white male politicians out there?
If there is going to be another Snelling, Diane should be the one. Hopefully everyone realizes that the sharing of unique DNA does not ensure competency and ability. Just look at Salmon, Jr.
Just what we need, another George W. Bush.
"Just look at Salmon, Jr."

Are you saying that his father WAS competent? Not sure if history would agree.

As for Jr., I thought it was a joke when he ran for Auditor against the highly competent Brock. But Salmon has shown himself to be a decent and honorable, if not flashy, guy. His call for moderation and compromise between the Legislature and the Gov. on the budget did not endear him to the leaders in his own Party, who were determined to force a tax-and-spend budget that pleased the unions down the state's throat. And for bucking his Party in the name of doing what was best for the State, I give him a lot of credit.
I have come to see that Salmon is passionate about helping the state and bringing people together - he is not what I thought he was.
Salmon will flip to the GOP side and take some traditional Dems and dem leaning independents
Salmon does not have a strong Democratic following and realizes this. The field is much more open on the other side of the political fence at the moment. He hopes to take advantage of the open seat and wants to position himself where he sees the best advantage, should Dubie decide not to run.
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