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The Democratic free-for-all

We came at you with live video, with tweets, with Web page updates today as Gov, Jim Douglas announced he would not seek re-election. Now, we turn to the blog.

Nationally, Democrats seem to think this is a golden opportunity to win control of a governor's seat. In the process, they sound like all that matters is the score-keeping - how many Republicans vs. how many Democrats, but never mind that.

Are they missing the possibility that this also leaves Democrats in a free-for-all with no common enemy? The candidates were all hepped up to tell you what was wrong with the way the state is being run. Mind you, that hasn't been a successful tactic for the last three elections, but now they have to compete with each other.

Will that prove to be even harder?

By the way, here's what Project Swing State says of the Vermont governor's race with today's news:

With this decision, Swing State Project is changing our rating of this race to "Tossup." Given the state's decidedly blue hue, "Lean Democratic" wouldn't be out of the question, but Dubie is no slouch and we are intensely aware of the capacity of the Progressives in Vermont to screw things up for Democrats. If it's clear that Anthony Pollina won't get in the race this time, we will feel more confident about Dems' chances.

- Terri Hallenbeck

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Go Doug Racine!
The Dems seem to have forgotten that voters aren't going to be so complacent any longer and are ready to throw them out on their ears. Don't ignore the sleeping giant.
I hope whoever the frontrunners are from any of the parties will be asked to name some people they would slot in cabinet positions. Douglas has always repaid political favors with his appointments, preferring loyalty over competance. If they were good at their jobs, he wouldn't have jockied them around like he did. It hurt the state, whether he ever admits or not.

My vote will go to whoever can show what kind of talent they bring to the table. We need leadership, not a popularity contest.
Racine is still the only viable candidate in the mix at this time. The "deal" needs to have the Ds giving the Ps a free shot at one of the lower state wide offices while the Ps support the Ds Governor candidate. 8:43AM anon is living in another world. There is no sleeping giant. There are whinning sheep trying to form a flock, but having little luck. They will play little or no role in this next election.
"Go Doug Racine!"

Yeah, go. Go as far away as possible.

With a guaranteed activist Democratic majority in the Legislature, we can't afford to have a liberal Dem in the Executive Office too.

We need someone who will be a check on the fiscally-irresponsible tendencies of the Legislature.
The best candidate could nver make it through the Democratic primary.
Salmon should be the Democratic candidate because he is a coalition builder.
Salmon for Governor.
"Salmon should be the Democratic candidate because he is a coalition builder."

That's why he will never get past the Dem. primary.
I totally agree and it is a sad day for the Democrats in Vermont.
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