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Mark Snelling is running for lieutenant governor

Others may still be pondering. Republican Mark Snelling of Starksboro has made up his mind. He's running for lieutenant governor in 2010.

Snelling is a businessman and son of two prominent Republican politicians -- the late Gov. Richard Snelling and former Lt. Gov. Barbara Snelling who is at a point in life when he'd like to be a public official who tries to make a difference.

"I have worked in the public and private sector for the last 35 years and I believe I have the skills and the knowledge of Vermont and public policy to be a strong voice and an active participant in the work that must be done."

He's never run for any public office before, but says he's had plenty of behind the scenes experience in the campaigns of his mother and father.

Snelling had considered a run for governor -- but only if Lt. Gov. Brian Dubie decided against running. Dubie has yet to announce his intentions, but Snelling said he'd made up his mind and wanted to let people know.

There are other Republicans who have been considering runs for lieutenant governor including Sen. Randy Brock, R-Franklin; Sen. Kevin Mullin, R-Rutland, Sen. Phil Scott, R-Washington and former House Speaker Walter Freed. On the other side of the political ledger there's Democratic States Attorney T.J. Donovan who said today he was exploring a run. So is Rep. David Zuckerman, P-Burlington, who has said he might run in the Democratic primary. Sen. Ed Flanagan, D-Chittenden has also voiced interest.

Snelling doesn't expect to hit the campaign trail immediately, but expects to crisscross the state soon enough. He hasn't set a figure for how much he might have to raise, but noted that Dubie raised $185,000 in his last run for lieutenant governor.

"Campaigning in Vermont is fun," he said. "I'm looking forward to it.

-- Nancy Remsen

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Diane Snelling for Lt. Gov.!!!!!
David Zuckerman for LT. GOV
David Zuckerman for Lt. Gov. of a farm collective in La-La-Land.
If Mark Snelling truly wants to "make a difference" then he should run for State Rep. or Sen. But of course those lowly positions don't rise to the level of prestige as that of Lt. Gov. And he can't run for Gov, because Dubie's going to.

No, it's not about "making a difference". Snelling has now made plenty of dough and is bored. It's about power. Too bad, though, because Lt. Gov. is not a very powerful position. One simply presides over the Senate, which as Dubie knows, is loaded up with Dems. If Snelling is bored now, just wait until his day consists of banging a gavel and trying to recall the name of the Senator who just stood up. Good luck with that.
A new VT lottery for Lt. Gov.

I say anyone that wants to can buy a $20 lottery ticket and the winner gets to be Lt. Gov. I mean the position requires zero skills and you have only one real responsibility, run the senate. There are about 400,000 registered voters in the state and if we each bought one ticket we would raise $8,000,000 and could save 300 people's jobs.

The winner gets a $70k job with little responsibility. Now that's a lottery prize!
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