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T.J. Donovan's political ambitions require recusal

T. J. Donovan, Chittenden State's attorney, has decided to asked the Addison County State's Attorney to handle the investigation in alleged inappropriate conduct in a locker room by Sen. Ed Flanagan, D-Chittenden.

Donovan is moving the investigation to avoid a conflict of interest. He is pondering a run for lieutenant governor. Months ago Flanagan made public that he was considering a run for lieutenant governor rather than re-election to the state senate.

Flanagan said today he isn't actively running, "but I'm not foreclosing it." His focus from now until spring, he said, is on the business of the next legislative session.

Donovan didn't say he was definitely running, but he intends to explore his potential to become the Democratic nominee for lieutenant governor.

If he's running and Flanagan is running, he said "This circumstance creates a possibility of a conflict between Senator Flanagan and myself. In order to insure the integrity of the process, it is therefore appropriate that an independent review of the allegations occur."

Let's review who else has shown some interest in this office.

There's Rep. David Zuckerman, a Progressive from Burlington who might run as a Democrat to avoid the Progressive/Democratic squabble about who's a spoiler.

Some people mention Matt Dunne, a former Democratic state senator, who ran for lieutenant governor and lost in 2006. Would give it another try or is he only weighing his chances for the state's top job?

There's lots of reported interest on the Republican side of the ledger, assuming the Republican incumbent, Brian Dubie, moves up or on.

Sen. Randy Brock, R-Franklin, might go for it, assuming Dubie runs for governor.

Sen. Kevin Mullin, R-Rutland, said he is considering it.

Mark Snelling, businessman and son of former Gov. Richard Snelling and former Lt. Gov. Barbara Snelling, has considered runs for governor or lieutenant governor --depending on Dubie.

Sen. Phil Scott, R-Washington, has given thought to presiding over the Senate as lieutenant governor, too.

Hope I didn't miss anyone.

-- Nancy Remsen

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The smell of raw political ambition is becoming quite disgusting. Just who ISN'T considering a run for Gov. or Lt. Gov.? Why don't we just put the name of every Vermont citizen over the age of 21 on the ballot?

Please, people. Do something productive with your life and for the people of Vermont and quit your political careers.
I think David Zuckerman is a good candidate for Lt. gov. This election cycle is going to be great.
"I think David Zuckerman is a good candidate for Lt. gov. This election cycle is going to be great."

Well said, Dave.
Just to let all blog readers know (as I have posted on other blogs as well). I do not do anonymous posts. I am probably overly public with my thoughts sometimes, but I will always do them with my name as the byline. nothing anonymous here.
Yeah, you do talk too much.
Hopefully people have the guts to leave their name. Why would you want to hide.

I'm one thats tired of the people that have had their seats for the last 2 years and all socialcrats and ryno's need to leave.

We are going to change the political feild next year for sure watch and see.

Dominic Ladue Georgia Vermont
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