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The Dubie decision

If you were expecting a decision this week from Brian Dubie about whether he's running for governor in 2010, stand down.

Dubie said yesterday it is likely to be at least another full week before he comes forth with his decision.

Dubie is headed to Alaska on Saturday to see how some Vermont-made wind turbines are faring up there in the tundra. After that trip, he said, seems like a good time to announce his plans.

You can read more about the lieutenant governor and his decision in Sunday's Free Press.

- Terri Hallenbeck

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He needs to make what is probably the most important decision in his professional life, and he's doing what?!

And tell me why the Lt Gov has to go up to Alaska to check on some Vt made wind turbines?

And who's paying for the trip?
He's positioning himself for an affirmative announcement. He has already admitted as much by saying this could be "good timing" for him professionally.

The advantage to waiting? He keeps the media attention alive despite doing nothing more than loafing about on self-important missions. Seriously, since when did a trip to Alaska to monitor turbines rank high on Vermont's priority list? Dubie also gains time to line up the right people to help him pull the GOP misinformation wagon.

Dubie is the last thing this state needs.
He might be the right person but this waiting makes everyone think he is not ready - it is not the right approach.
PArt of the reason Douglas was elected was because he was seen as socially moderate - we know now that he is a social conservative - but Dubie, make no mistake, is very conservative!

Different dynamic with the gneral voters.
I suspect Dubie is surrounding himself with supporters who are encouraging him to run.

This Vermonter thinks he'd be awful. He's anti choice and anti gay. Don't run Dubie!
So what if Dubie is Conservative? Governors do not make laws, the legislature does. Dubie's personal beliefs are just that - personal.
So let's just hold a lottery to see who gets to be governor. Or better yet maybe it can be the new slot game at the casino in killington.
He is a nice guy but why would he want to give up his life as a pilot and reservist - politics is not that fun and very hard on a family
so you are ok that Obama's personal beliefs are that of a socialist?
Of course Dubie's personal views matter. Governor's sign or veto legislation. Would he have signed or vetoed civil unions? gay marriage? What's his view on parental consent for abortions?

His personal views become political. It matters.
Obama is far from being a socialist.
He has maintained W's policies consistently since being elected and is more conservative than many who voted for him realized.
"This Vermonter thinks he'd be awful. He's anti choice and anti gay. Don't run Dubie!"

If you think he'll ever be in a position to outlaw abortion in Vermont, you're truly out of touch.
Hey, let him go to Alaska where he can hang out with Sarah Palin. They're a good fit. One would think a written report on how the turbines are doing would have sufficed.
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