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What did the speech do for you?

It sounds as though Vermont's congressional delegation heard what they were hoping to hear from President Barack Obama last night on health care.

Did he say what you wanted him to?

What do you think are the prospects for health-care reform?

Should Rep. Joe Wilson, R-S.C., resign or otherwise be reprimanded for his outburst during the speech, saying the president was lying? Or does he become a hero with his constituents for it?

- Terri Hallenbeck

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Joe Wilson - Idiot yes! Resign, dear god people get over it. Only, I repeat, only the partisan hack will seek his resignation.

Great stuff for the most part. But if the R's can only counter with "that was a partisan speech" its clear they don't give a hoot and its time to jam it down their throat. Essentially give them what they ask for.

He offered them some of what they are asking for, tort reform, and they offer what back?
Obama repeated his same story over again- nothing new. No one disagrees with reform but Obama doesn't want reform he wants to completely rewrite healthcare because of 37 million out of 350 million do not have insurance. If he would only agree to fix the part that's broken most people would be happy. Fix preexisting conditions; don't allow insurance Co's to drop members; tort reform; fix medicare/medicaid fraud for starters.
Joe Wilson should not be reprimanded any more that when Obama called Clinton a liar or when the Dems booed Bush during his inaugural. Get over it!
BTW- he was lying- the SCOTUS declared that you cannot turn away illegal aliens from health care even if they have no insurance.
NEK - Now you are lying. "you cannot turn away illegal aliens from health care even if they have no insurance."

This was not what he was referring to and you know it.

NEK now you are an idiot - Calling the President of the United States, during a national address, being held in Congress, by a congress person is not only not in the same ball park its not even on the same planet as one candidate calling another candidate a liar during a campaign for office. Get a clue.
Just to be fair,I believe Obama was the first one last night to accuse the opponents of his plan of being liars.

Having said that how does it differ from Pelosi calling the CIA liars or the Dems booing Bush during his State of the Union address or the reams of people that have called Bush a liar over the years.

Now, let's talk about respect and decorum....
I just don't understand how we are going to pay for it...
Has any congressional plan ended in the black? NEVER- either party. If Obama insists he can pay for this with "savings" from medicare/medicaid fraud, why don't we start tomorrow and by this time next year he may get some support.
He is running out of "snake oil" fast!
I think Obama started the liar-liar when he opened by saying the other side has been spreading false statements. ok- he was more PC about calling them liars!
"Anonymous said...
I just don't understand how we are going to pay for it..."

Higher taxes... hang on to your wallet!
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