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Vt. Legislature loading the truck

There are two weeks to go in the legislative session. Two weeks to go and only three bills have so far been passed into law: sex offenders, a Vermont Student Assistance Corp. bill and same-sex marriage.

It almost seems impossible to squeeze the decisions left to be made - how to deal with a $50 million hole in the budget, etc. - into the time left.

On Friday, though, there were signs that that's going to happen. As they were getting ready to leave in the House, Speaker Shap Smith told members to get ready for the hurry-up-and-wait portion of the program that marks the end.

The way it will happen is stuff that is not on the truck will be left behind. Some can make the trip next year, as this is the first of a two-year biennium. Some will be left to rot by the side of the road.

What do you think must make it onto the truck?

- Terri Hallenbeck

Leave Shumlin to rot by the side of the road.
That's real nice - and that really helps move the debate forward!

Why would any politician who receives that kind of response listen to you!
A forward-thinking energy bill for the gov. to veto is essential.
What are the choices for the truck load? And what evidence is there that substantial work hasn't been done in sorting the stuff to be loaded already?
It amazes me - you want it both ways!

1) Many of you who are anti - legislature spout off about the legislature passing too many bills.

2) Then when they don't pass many, you spout off about how little they are doing.
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