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Three weeks and counting

Three weeks to go in the legislative session and an avalanche of stuff still to come.

- The budgets? General budget, transportation budget and capital budget are all on the Senate floor this week then to conference with the House. The big outstanding question mark is will it include hundreds of state employee layoffs or will there be a deal with the union?

- Taxes? A slew of them will be debated in the Senate this week, then will have to match up with the House.

- Economic development? A bill that contains everything and the kitchen sink is still pending in the Senate, hasn't been to the House yet.

- VY? Looking very much like no vote this year on relicensing, but the decommissioning bill is still pending in the Senate.

- Terri Hallenbeck

Douglas is completely unreasonable and is using this economic crisis as an opportunity to shrink state government. He's playing politics with people. Hopefully the Senate will intervene and save these much needed positions.
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