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'Sexting' solution?

Ever since the Senate passed a bill that would exempt teens who voluntarily "sext" pictures of themselves from child pornography charges there's been a flurry of discussion about the topic. Senators have been on national TV defending themselves against accusations that the bill in effect condones sexting - the transmission of untoward cell phone photos.

Today, the House Judiciary Committee tried to put a halt to that talk by altering the bill to create a minor charge for such behavior.

Around the room, several 40-and-older representatives conceded they didn't know what sexting was until a few weeks ago. Some weren't sure they knew how to text a photo from one phone to another.

In the spirit of the topic, I am sharing with you a photo from by phone of the meeting where they explained their changes to the bill. Fear not, everybody's fully clothed.

- Terri Hallenbeck

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