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Calling Dr. Dean?

I don't know whether Howard Dean is paid in full on his taxes, but if so here's a job opportunity for him:

WASHINGTON (AP) — Faced with problems over back taxes and potential conflicts of interest, Tom Daschle withdrew his nomination on Tuesday to be President Barack Obama’s Health and Human Services secretary.

- Terri Hallenbeck

Terri, don't you think that ship has sailed?

If Obama wanted Dean on his team, then Obama would have offered Dean a job by now.

Our dear former Governor just never fit in with the Washington Beltway crowd.
Give Dean a Chief of Staff who knows Congress, the insurance company lobbyists and the other players involved and he'd do just fine.

Bring it on, bubbakis. Bring it on.

Always a pleasure.
I've always believed that Howard Dean was a very sexy man. I want to be his love slave.
Now THAT one MUST have been jw!
I never had a great deal of use for Dan Quail but he would have made a cute cabanna boy.

But Joe Lieberman, there's a man a guy could take home to mother. That's the problem; He's sweet, nice and boring.

Everyone always want's a bad boy like Clinton.
Dean is probably too straight for the Obama inner circle- tax dodgers, FALN sympathizers, Chicago mobsters, Lobbyists (which weren't going to be allowed) and campaign racketeers.
Obama's approval has already fallen to mid-fifties.
1,447 more days.

"..Obama's approval has already fallen to mid-fifties."

With who, nekkie boy, psychotic scum voters and dimwitted ditto heads!

Gallup has him at 66 percent today. Who are you citin', schmuck? Where you gettin' your psychotic slop from, sheep entrails?

Ya got bupkis, nekkie boy. Ya always do.

Always a pleasure.
Talkin' to yerself again Coopy?

"Talkin' to yerself again Coopy?"

Nah, I leave that stuff to your ignorant anonymous ass, schmuck, along with your deviant sexual fantasies and I'm bubba bupkis.

Besides, who wants to know, little nameless-nitwit fella?

Always a pleasure.

"1,447 more days."

Just can't wait for the second term to start, eh, bubbakis.

Always a pleasure.
Zerobama...change we can believe in!

"Zerobama...change we can believe in!"

Gee, it's gonna be a long seven years and 50 weeks for you coalition of the clueless cretins.

Bummer. That's a shame.

Always a pleasure.
Markowitz for Governor - she can kick Douglas'.......
"With who, nekkie boy, psychotic scum voters and dimwitted ditto heads!"

That's "with whom," gramatically-challenged retard.
Talkin' to yerself again Coopy?
And you were supposed to place a question mark at the end of that question, not an exclamation point, grammatically-challenged retard.
JW’s reform school English teacher told him, “Your grammar is atrocious”.

Coop laughed at him and said, “That shows what you know schmuck, My grandma’s a Jew”.
What job did you apply for today, jw?
It might help lil' Howie get a job if he would finally release his secret papers being held under lock and key. Isn't "transparency" the catch word of the Obama admin? What's he hiding? Out of the closet, Howard!
Didn't vote for Barack in the general election, but I give him credit for walking the talk about not being "business as usual". Bless him for canning the fat cat.
Anonymous said...

"And you were supposed to place a question mark at the end of that question, not an exclamation point, grammatically-challenged retard."

Take your ignorant anonymous ass and look up rhetorical question, little factually-challenged/nameless-nitwit/clueless-cretin fella.

Always a pleasure.
I hope Rahm Emanuel punches Dean. It is true Dean needs a job, but I would rather not have him anywhere near Washington.
Look up question Coop. Then look up the use of the question mark.
Rhetoric is a different issue than grammar, retard. Rhetorical usage doesn't change the rules of grammar.

A question ends with a question mark, whether the question is intended to be rhetorical or not.

You blew it, and now you're just being stupid.
"You blew it, and now you're just being stupid."

Coop being stupid? (Note the question mark JW)

The sun came up in the east and the cat drank some milk too.

Nice to know there are some things you can count on.

That includes the Free Press not doing anything about the abusive tropp Coop.
tropp = Troll

He might be a tropp as well but that is between him and his Vet.
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