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$19.7 m cuts modified

The Joint Fiscal Committee has voted this morning on $19.7 million cuts, with some last-minute changes to ease the impact on mental health agencies.

The 4 percent cut they were slated to receive would have translated to cutting 8 percent in the half-year that's left in the fiscal year. Instead, they will get a 5 percent half-year cut.

Makes a few other changes too.

- Terri Hallenbeck

This remains doogie's mess. Let little jimmy scissor-hands start showin' some "leadership" by taking responsibility for the mess he and his hacks have wrought for a change and start by taking some cuts of their own.

Anything less than a halving of his ministry of propaganda and a 25percent pay cut on his part is a slap in the face to Vermonters everywhere.
Ah, yes, the ol' "state governor is responsible for the national recession" song and dance again.

And, ah, yes, the "there's only one branch of government in Vermont so everything bad is the governor's fault" song and dance again.

Nice try. No sale on either front you partisan hack.
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