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Even Cousin Harold's worried

Hope you all had a nice time off.

How many among you as you gathered for the yuletide were surprised to learn that even Cousin Harold, the successful one, is worried that 2009 will be the year he is laid off? Or that Uncle Reginald, who was going to retire this year, now no longer knows when he is going to retire?

Ah, no time like the holidays to catch up with the family.

Back at home, Tax Commissioner Tom Pelham was catching up with legislative leaders. He has sent them a new letter, a technical addendum, he calls it, with regard to recommended tax rates for 2010.

You might recall that Pelham wrote them a letter Dec. 1 not recommending a tax rate, but recommending flexibility. State law calls for the tax commissioner to issue a recommendation by Dec. 1. Pelham was sued by a few school boards and was due in court today.

Thus the technical addendum, in which he recommends a 2-cent property tax reduction, then just as quickly recommends against it. A 2-cent reduction would actually mean a $31.2 million increase in property taxes, he warns.

- Terri Hallenbeck

So just what is Pelham saying?

I recommend this 2-cent rate decrease!

But not really!

Pelham is nothing more than a partisan mouthpiece for the Governor.
The Governor says no to tax increases - than Pelham goes out and re-interpret rules so he can tax companies that previously were not taxed.

It took a democtratically controlled legislature to CLARIFY the intent and exempt taxes from those companies!
He gave them a tax rate so no court? Just a guess.
Pelham is a joke!
He did just enough of his job to keep from getting sued.

Doogie will lay off five people and double his salary.
jwcoop: unemployed, unemployable, and bitter.

Gee, what are the odds.
In other words, ya got bupkis.

Thanks for clearin' that up, little fella.

Always a pleasure.
In other words, you're unemployed, unemployable, and bitter.

And you spend your days in your bathrobe in front of your keyboard spewing your bile and your vulgarities at everyone else.

"In other words, you're unemployed, unemployable, and bitter.

And you spend your days in your bathrobe in front of your keyboard spewing your bile and your vulgarities at everyone else."

Nah, that's the nameless nitwit residin' in your mirror, little fella. The wanker anonymously spewin' psychotic slop he can't substantiate and frequently can't spell with his free hand from the fortress of solitude he's constructed for himself in his mama's basement while he races to see if he can complete his thought before the spin cycle ends and he's forced to deal with his other load.

That guy.

Always a pleasure.
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